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As I modify, green stuff and paint my Hordeblood army, I'm attempting to infuse inspirations from the Warcraft universe into the Trollblood aesthetic. I don't want to flat out copy The Horde, because I want these models to still be easily recognizable and usable for gaming.

This post is a place holder for my Hordebloods project. I'll update this section as I complete more models. All completed models are also available on DeviantArt.

The following is a list of all the completed and in progress miniatures of my Hordeblood army. Included with each are which characters from the Warcraft universe acted as inspiration as well as links to final and in progress photos and tutorials.

Leaders of the Hordebloods

Madrak Ironhide (prime)
Thrall, Warchief of the Horde
Details of Note: Hammer carved from real Turquoise stone, amulet adorned with Jewel for decorating finger nails.
Works in Progress: Beginning and Sculpting a HammerUsing Nail JewelsStarting to Carve HammerPainting his FaceSkin and Armourthe restFinal Photos
Final Photos: DeviantArt


Hoarluk Doomshaper (epic)
Gul'Dan, Warlock
Details of Note: Pigment use for soft black colours, crackle medium used on base.
Works in Progress: From start to finish
Final Photos: DeviantArt


Borka Kegslayer (prime)
Cairne Bloodhoof, Tauren Chieftan
Details of Note: Head molded from Runeshapers.
Works in Progress: Not yet started
Final Photos:  


Borka Kegslayer (epic)
Cairne Bloodhoof, Tauren Chieftan, Kodo Rider
Details of Note: Koooooooooooodooooooooooooo
Works in Progress: Not yet started
Final Photos:  


Beasts of the Hordebloods

The Elemental King
Stone Giant
Details of Note: All the rust and most of the plants are real, there are 2 turtles in the water made from naturally shed turtle shell.
Works in Progress: Sculpting, Chipped Pearl Nails, Painting Skin, Painting Stone, Painting Loin Cloth, Painting Symbols, Painting Rusted Metal, (With real rust.) Painting and Gelling Whelps, Object Source Lighting, Basing the Body, Building the Base, Pouring the Water
Final Photos: Introduction and High-Res Versions, CoolMiniOrNot


Mulg the Ancient
Earth Elemental
Details of Note: Pinned from top to waist. Lots of pigment use for soft skin tones. Base covered in tea.
Works in Progress: Start to Finish
Final Photos: DeviantArt


Troll Mauler
Dire Troll Mauler
Details of Note: Arms and head reposed, shoulders, neck, mouth and tusks custom sculpted, arm bands adorned with jewels used on finger nails..
Works in Progress:  Green stuffed sculpting start to finishAirbrushingMore AirbrushingFinal Photos
Final Photos: DeviantArt


Pyre Troll
Summoned Infernal
Details of Note: Fire effects made from layers of artists gel and layers of transluscent paints.
Works in Progress: Painting the rocky partsPainting Lava / FireCreating Flames
Final Photos: DeviantArt


Troll Impaler
Troll Headhunter
Details of Note: Real shark-tooth spear tips, leather straps "tieing" them on, swarovski crystals on chest band..

Works in Progress:
Both Making TusksPinningSculpting in gapsSpear tips and mouthSculpting and pinningMore carvingImpaling an elfMore sculptingMohawkMore Mohawks
Shark-Tooth Impaler Stippling to paint leather, Painting chickens / adding jems WIP photosAdding shark teeth
Stabbing Impaler Not yet started
Final Photos: Shark-Tooth Impaler


Dire Troll Bomber
Details of Note: Resculpted throat and stomach to improve posture.
Works in Progress: Supporting and Sculpting stomach
Final Photos:  


Troll Axer
Details of Note: Sculpted hair, necklace used for chains.
Works in Progress: Some sculptingSharpening Axe / wrapping chainsSculpting TotemsPinning, Painting, Base and Final Photos
Final Photos:  


Lightning Troll
Berzerking Orc Shaman
Details of Note: Warpwolf head used to create cowl.
Works in Progress:  
Final Photos:  


Infantry of the Hordebloods


Krielstone Bearer, Scribes, Elder
Voidwalker, Warlocks in Tiered Armour
Details of Note: Voidwalker created from layers of artists gel. Same with blue sword.
Quartz stone on end of Elder's staff. Gold Flake used on the Scythe. Silicon Carbide for Nemesis staff.

Works in Progress:
Misc Removing a jaw / creating a scythe / creating a staff
Voidwalker Stonebearer
DroppedFinal Photos / matte vs gloss varnish
Corrupter Raiment
[Unit Attachment]
Painting his feathered cloak and final photos
Nemesis Raiment Some WiPsFinal Photos / Close Ups / Building Crystalline Staff
Voidheart Raiment Look at mods and beginning paintsFace Glow and Weapon EffectsFinal Photos
Heroes' Plagueheart Garb
(10 man)
WiP Close UpsFinal Photos
Felheart Raiment WiPs
Malefic Raiment Crackle Effects, WiPs and glow effects
Final Photos: Voidwalker Leader, Corrupter UA, Nemesis, Voidheart, Plagueheart, Felheart, Malefic


Troll Champions, Skaldi Bonehammer, Champion Hero Solo
Warsong Clan Orcs, Pandaren Warrior, Mok'Nathal Half-Ogre Warrior
Details of Note:  
Works in Progress:
Misc Filling gaps in bases, Tinting and Layering Skin
Skaldi Start to Finish
Hero Reflective Water, Start to Finish
Champ Leader Start to Finish
Final Photos: Pandaren Bonehammer, Champion Hero, Champions: Leader, Entire Unit


Runeshapers and Janissa Stonetide
Tauren Shamen
Details of Note: Created a single head for all my male Tauren models, made a mold and duplicated. Diversity created by adding fur and horns differently.

Works in Progress:
Misc Sculpting HeadsAdding fur to headsSculpting horns / adding more fur
Janissa Stonetide Airbrushing & Basics, Painting Hair, Grass and Rocks
Janissa's Wall Start to Finish
Final Photos:  


Trollkin Warders
Tauren Warriors
Details of Note: Their heads were molded from those used on the Runeshapers.
Works in Progress:
Misc Sculpting Heads, Sculpting Shoulders and Horns
Final Photos:  


Trollkin Fennblades and Kithkar
Undead Warriors
Details of Note:  
Works in Progress: Carving undead skin and bone
Airbrushing, Painting Details and Proof of Concept
Final Photos:  


Troll Longriders
Orc Wolf Riders
Details of Note: Wolf heads taken from Warp Wolves, claws from stone chips..
Works in Progress:
Misc Adding wolf heads
Final Photos:  


Kriel Warriors
Frostwolf Clan Orcs
Details of Note:  

*These models painted by Privateer Press and are stand-ins until I get my own photos

Works in Progress:  
Final Photos:  


Solos of the Hordebloods

Rune Bearer
Troll Rune Mage
Details of Note: Crackle medium to create dry desert base, tea for desert plants. Desert sand is iron paint with a rusting agent and weathering pigment.
Works in Progress: Crackle Medium and Final Photos
Final Photos: DeviantArt


Fell Caller
Troll Shaman
Details of Note: Guitar string claws, Space Wolves cape used for the wolf.
Works in Progress: Painting Multi-tone skin, Fur and Fire with final photos.
Final Photos: DeviantArt


Troll Sorceror
Ogre Mage
Details of Note: Fennblade Kithkar body used as a base, Sorceror head, arms and scrolls added. Gels used to create magic effects.
Works in Progress: Start to Finish with all Special Effects
Final Photos: DeviantArt


Troll Skinner
Details of Note: Blade carved from plastic packaging shaped with super glue.
Works in Progress:  
Final Photos:  



Minions of the Hordebloods

Lanyssa Ryssyll
Sylvanis Windrunner, The Dark Lady
Details of Note: I'm rather fond of the feathered close-up if you click through.
Works in Progress: Start to Finish
Final Photos: DeviantArt


Undead Banshee
Details of Note: Replaced head with a screaming resculpt.
Works in Progress:  
Final Photos:  


Gudrun the Wanderer
Details of Note:  
Works in Progress:  
Final Photos:  


Gaming Aids and Supplies

AOE and Spray Templates

Details of Note:

- Designed by me in AutoCAD, cut out on my dad's router.
- Artwork based on images by Blizzard Entertainment.
- Discovered some commercially available spray templates are 1/8" too long. Mine are accurate.


Works in Progress:

Designing and Planning, Cutting and Colouring


Final Photos:



Gaming Aids and Status Tokens
Details of Note: Planned by me, polished and made by Greenman Designs Inc.
Review: Custom Tokens from Greenman Designs Inc.


Transport Case
Purchased Case, Custom Designed Foam
Details of Note:

Battle Foam P.A.C.K. 1520 XL with a P.A.C.K. 216 zippered on top.

Review: Battle Foam Transport Bag


Guitar Pick Gaming Tokens

Details of Note:
Method could be used with anything.


Works in Progress:

Making Tokens out of Guitar Picks


Final Photos:



Take a look at my Step by Step page for the entire Hordebloods project.

Here you will find each model broken down into links showing each step:
Concept, Works in Progress, (for both modelling and painting) and Final Shots


  1. Great job so far I'm looking forward to seeing sylvanas done, I thought about doing something similar with legion but as forsaken.

    1. I'd almost say instead of Forsaken, consider Scourge. Similar themes, but you can add in the frost stuff better, and there are more options for beasts as constructs. Forsaken might be a little limiting, while Scourge lets you really get creative.


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