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My primary project is a Warcraft inspired Hordebloods army.

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Painting Punk Turtle and Jeans

You may have read my post a few weeks back where I reviewed the 3D printing services from Impact Miniatures. (If you haven't, I recommend taking a read!)

This week I want to focus on the steps I took to actually paint the miniature. (Like the Jeans) I painted him in a style very "me" and as usual, really like how he turned out. I did try a few things though as a way to challenge myself and experiment and there's going to be a few things I'll take away from this one.

To touch on these items, the first is that I used a new flow aid. Simply, Curry's brand instead of Liquitex. The difference I found was that Curry's was a little more "oily", (Not really, because it's water based) but that's kind of what it felt like - essentially this was nicer for blending from one colour to the next and it kept the paints a little wetter longer.

The other thing I did was I avoided using washes. (Mostly)

Liquid Talent (New Product!)

You've all heard of washes being referred to as "Liquid Talent" I'm sure? Well, I'm excited to announce that I'm releasing a new product - ACTUAL Liquid Talent!

No longer do you need a generous application of the wash Agrax Earthshade. With Wargaming Tradecraft brand Liquid Talent, the difference is seamless. It comes in a convenient dropper bottle too, so there isn't a risk of spilling your traditional talent in a bottle all over the place.

In the following tutorial, you can see just how easy it is to apply!

Impact Miniatures 3D Printing Review

The future is now.

No, really, it's pretty close to being here and today I'm looking at one of the reasons why. 3D printing has come a long way in recent years and I'm always excited to see how it can be applied to our hobbies involving miniatures and wargaming. Maybe you've read my previous review on Hero Forge, a site that allows you to custom design a miniature, then order it 3D printed for your gaming and painting needs. Well, now they give you the option to purchase the 3D file and print it yourself - or, get it printed by a third party like Impact Miniatures.

This is a company that offers high quality 3D Printing services at excellent prices. (In addition to their ranges of dice and accessories as well as miniatures in the styles of chibi, fantasy and more!) Don't take my word on it though, there are plenty of photos within this review so you can see the quality for yourself.

Full disclosure, I was contacted by the owner of Impact Miniatures, Tom Anders, and was provided free samples for the purposes of this review.