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My primary project is a Warcraft inspired Hordebloods army.

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Multitone Black and White

I've been seeing some people posting lately about their own attempts at a greyscale army, which has of course led to seeing lots of people trying and posting about it. The issue I'm seeing in most of these tries is that at worst it looks like the miniatures have been primed black and lightly frosted with white primer (stippling and all) to call it done after basically a zenithal highlight, while at best they're created with beautiful blending but appear like a white version of grimdark where all the details fade away to the viewer since everything has been painted the same.

I've actually talked about this before, using different examples, during my time writing about Colour Theory, specifically for a post about Pure Achromatic painting. I've had more opportunities since then to explore the technique and want to write a follow up post.

Don't forget about Contrasting Achromatic, where I've thrown in a little colour. (Sometimes referred to as the "Sin City" technique.)

Most of the examples you can see pictured here are from that series, but keep reading and we'll look at examples from classic cinema and of my newer approaches to the styles.

Molotow Chrome Pens and 3D-printed Holder

It's my birthday today, but in a twist, I'm going to give you a present! This is a 3D-printable pen holder that I designed to hold 4mm Molotow Pens. Why do you need these pens, or a holder for them? Mirror-chrome! Both paintable and airbrushable. The holder I designed allows you to keep the pen upright and opened without worry about spilling. Since these pens need to be kept upright once you crack the tip, this holder can also be used for storage.

Painting Punk Turtle and Jeans

You may have read my post a few weeks back where I reviewed the 3D printing services from Impact Miniatures. (If you haven't, I recommend taking a read!)

This week I want to focus on the steps I took to actually paint the miniature. (Like the Jeans) I painted him in a style very "me" and as usual, really like how he turned out. I did try a few things though as a way to challenge myself and experiment and there's going to be a few things I'll take away from this one.

To touch on these items, the first is that I used a new flow aid. Simply, Curry's brand instead of Liquitex. The difference I found was that Curry's was a little more "oily", (Not really, because it's water based) but that's kind of what it felt like - essentially this was nicer for blending from one colour to the next and it kept the paints a little wetter longer.

The other thing I did was I avoided using washes. (Mostly)