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My primary project is a Warcraft inspired Hordebloods army.

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Frankenstein's Bust

This past spring was the 200th anniversary of the novel Frankenstein and our local library system celebrated it in a number of ways. As the Artist at Work that month and them wanting to promote their 3D printing services, I decided to paint a Frankenstein Monster bust... which was also my first time painting a bust and a neat experience.

In this article I'm going to briefly talk about the demo experience, then some 3D printing, painting the bust and finally mounting it to a plinth.

The Art of Wargaming Tradecraft

2019 will be the 9th year Wargaming Tradecraft has existed. For some reason, it seems longer than that. My painting journey certainly has been going on for much longer. I want to inspire others, that's a goal of this website - and with that I'm going to take some time today to highlight some of my previous art, personal milestones and attempts to approach this hobby with an unique eye. I'm also going to share some of my personal struggles while traveling this path in hopes to help other creators who might be struggling with their own art.

If there's one thing I seem to have a pattern of, it's painting for myself. Exaggeration is a common style for me, using brighter colours and stronger contrasts.  I haven't always been totally OK with feedback I've received in the past, but much of those struggles was when I was younger and before I'd accepted that my style is going to be something I had to become comfortable with. It's always difficult to have people disagree with something you've spent a lot of effort on and put a lot of love in to. Try to see the useful advice, while still being true to yourself.

Take from this article what you can.
  • At minimum, there's a bunch of great photos of some of my projects over the years
  • Links to the projects and tutorials if you want to see them in detail.
  • There's some insight into my process and history.
  • I've also shared some of my thoughts and feelings as I can recall them at that point in time.
If you'd like to see more of what I've done, read through my Projects page and DeviantArt.

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Using Colour Shift Paints

This post is designed to be both a tutorial and review on some of the colour shift paints available today. Many of you are familiar with Green Stuff World's line, but there's also paints available from Turbo Dork which have been creating some interest in the community lately.

What are colour shift paints? Essentially they're paints that are a different colour depending on the angle you're looking at them or the way the light is hitting them. Typically you have one colour in the light and another in the shadow. You may have seen these kinds of things on sports cars or in nature like on beetles and pearls.

You can see an example below, in how the colour shifts between green highlights and purple shadows with the Martian Green paint from Green Stuff World:

Then how it shifts between blue and purple with TurboDork's 3D-Glasses paint:

This post is two parts:

First, I'm going to cover how you're supposed to apply colour shift paints to your miniatures.

Then, I'm going to discuss some alternate Do's and Don'ts when painting with them and include unique techniques that you can use.

Finally, I'm going to summarize my feelings on the differences between the products offered by TurboDork and Green Stuff World.

Full Disclosure, TurboDork sent me a few free samples for review purposes.