Wargaming Tradecraft: Hordebloods - Axer base and Final Photos


Hordebloods - Axer base and Final Photos

Wrapping up the Trollblood Axer, I'll touch on how I created his base before showing the final photos. It's another opportunity to see some of the uses of the many sculpting gels that I work with. Today I'm using it to add form and motion rather than using it as a special effect.

The point I want to make today is how miniatures can look so much better when they appear to be alive and engaged rather that static or stoic.

A flat base is the typical situation we usually find ourselves in. Adding a little form to it is nice from time to time and one of the ways you can do that is with sculpting gel. (Or putty, green stuff, etc.) I'm using Liquitex Blended Fibers sculpting gel. It comes in a small container and it's a white paste that dries clear.

Typically I'll use metal sculpting tools when working with it because the gel scrapes off easily without damaging your tools. Scoop it out in little amounts, lay it down and spread it out.

The nice thing about this kind of gel is you can sculpt it.

My goal here is to make it look like he's planted his left foot into the ground and pushed back his right foot as he prepares to swing his axe. This will have the effect of his right foot digging in to the ground and pushing the dirt off the other side of his base.

Using my metal pick, I've gouged some tracks where the deepest part of his foot would have dug in, then smoothed out the top some.

To finish off, I've dug down to the plastic base where he would have planted his foot to start and angled up towards his foot. Added some more gel on the other side of his foot where he'd be kicking dirt out. I've also teased / pulled the gel up around the hole I've created as if some of the dirt is being thrown up in the process.

Another shot.

As mentioned, as the gel dries, it starts getting clear. The thicker it is, the longer it takes to fully dry and fully clear. If you're using it in a way that you just want it clear, have patience, it'll get there. You can start painting over it at this point though.

You'll also notice, I've had a little fun around the left foot too. As if this beast slammed his foot down when he planted it and dirt is shooting out.
Finally, primed it black so if anything shows through while building up the base, it's just darkness.

(I've brightened the photo so you can see in the shadows better.)

To build the base, I started with my strawberry seed path as I've used on other models.

Then, some small brown rocks and glued them into the right foot print. All the green grass and tufts were then built up around everything else. The foot's digging in to the ground, pushing grass out of it's way, revealing dirt underneath...

Then I've glued some actual plant bits on the front of the base, sprouting up in front of him.

Final Photos

Take a look at my entire Hordebloods project.

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