Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Making an Earthy Wall

A model in my Hordeblood army has the ability to raise a protective wall of stone from the ground. As such, I've created one.

To begin, I got the "wall" dimensions from the Hordes rulebook and cut a piece of plasticard. I glued some stones to it and filled in all around them with a few layers of heavy gel. I moulded the gel in a ways to seem like it's bursting from the ground.

 The next layer is mixed from a sandy gel, brown flock and brown paint. I cover the current layer of gel and some of the rocks.

What we end up with is basically rocks shooting up from the ground.

To finish the dirt off, I wash it with Devlan Mud and apply some highlights.

Next up is the detail to make it actually look like the rocks had a realistic ground to burst through!

I dug through my various amount of grasses, moss and other materials and glued them around. I even found some small rocks to glue to the tufts of gel still shooting out of the ground and a little greens to add to them.

Here's an example of scale, including a tease of the model I've just about finished:

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