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Wargaming Tradecraft dot com

I am proud to announce the launch of http://www.WargamingTradecraft.com

This is one more step in solidifying this site's presence on the internet. In some ways, the conversion was less painful than I expected, and in other regards there were a number of unforeseen issues that arose. I think I've got all the kinks worked out, but if you come across anything strange, please let me know.

To go along with this launch is a new layout that some of you may have noticed evolving over the last few days and other changes, such as:

  • Decreased Load Times and Site Lag
    • A number of the following new features have reduced the time it takes the site to load and the lag while travelling it.
  • Website view only displays article previews.
    • I've been torn on enabling this, but considering the graphic heavy content of the majority of my posts, I'll be displaying just article previews now. Not only does this speed up the site from a technical standpoint, but users can browse through topics quicker, opening those that interest them separately
    • I've configured LinkWithin to only display when you're reading a post, rather than browsing the site.
    • The RSS feed will continue to display full articles.
  • Tweaked / Removed Widgets
    • I've consolidated a number of widgets into one in order to reduce the thinking the site has to do.
    • Removed unnecessary widgets that were just cluttering things up.
    • Changed the RevolverMaps Widget to a static image rather than a rotating globe. You can still click it for further information on my demographics.
    • Ironically, the slowest Widgets are the Google ones for Translation and Search, and I want them to stay.
  • Updated Background
    • Not only is it wider for larger desktops, but the file is considerably smaller and should reduce load times, especially on slower connections.
  • Socializing
(I explored changing to a simpler layout that didn't have layering or transparencies, but didn't notice a difference in quality)

I have a new Wargaming Tradecraft email address, so for those of you who use it occasionally, please update your contact lists. I have, however placed a forward so I won't miss any email.
nplusplus {AT} wargamingtradecraft {DOT} com OR
daveg {AT} wargamingtradecraft {DOT} com

This Thursday will be a very long Blog-Fu post as I walk you through the relatively easy and cheap ($10 /year) process of getting your own domain name for a Blogger blog as well as some of the nifty features you get as part of that package.

If you don't feel like updating your links, nothing should change. Though it seems like Google Friend Connect can only authenticate to a single location at once, so you'll have to visit the new domain to view that widget.

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