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My primary project these days is my Warcraft inspired Hordebloods army.

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Black 2.0 - Worth the Hype?

I've seen a lot of questions about the validity of Black 2.0, supposedly "The world’s mattest, flattest, black art material" (According to their website.) and decided to order a bottle and find out the answer myself since most articles about this product are just re-using the same imagery from the company behind it.


Before getting into the review, a quick look at the baseline of what we're aiming for. Basically, a company called Surrey NanoSystems developed a paint called Vantablack which absorbs 99.96% of light that hits it. Without light reflecting from objects, all you see is a black blob without any detail no matter what angle you're looking at it.

Unfortunately, an artist named Anish Kapoor bought exclusive rights to this paint, which means we're not going to get access to this stuff any time soon.

What I'm going to look at here is a paint that bills itself as the next best thing.

X-Wing Miniatures - Core Courier Services

A little while ago we started playing the X-Wing Miniatures game and to properly represent the Scum and Villainy faction there were two things I needed to do. First, because it's a miniature wargame, they needed a quick paint job. I'll cover that first. Second, a friend asked, "You're Scum and Villainy - what's your crime?" That got me thinking and I've provided a write up after the jump.
Painting them was quick:
  1. Paint the Ship Bodies
    1. Primed Black.
    2. Airbrushed Dark Grey, Medium Grey, Light Grey, White.
    3. Washed Black.
  2. Paint the Windows
    1. Paint Black.
    2. Thin Bright Green down and carefully paint around each window.
  3. Paint the Trim
    1. Thin Bright Green down and run it between some of the natural hull plates.
  4. Paint the Engines
    1. Paint the engine holes Bright Green.
    2. Paint the center of the engine holes White.
  5. Varnish
    1. Spray Satin or Gloss Varnish over the ships. (Hard Coat)
    2. Airbrush Liquitex Matte Varnish or Citadel Matte Varnish over the ships. (Dull Coat)
    3. Paint Liquitex Gloss Varnish over the windows.
Core Couriers - Front View

Also, for anyone curious about the logo, it's just the "C" from the Star Wars common alphabet doubled up.
Click on through to see individual photos of the ships and read the background I've created for my fleet.

Adventurers in the Land of Olim

My wife and I used to be part of Dungeons and Dragons group and after gaming for a while, I decided to buy miniatures for everyone and paint them up to a basic degree. It was a fun diversion from my Hordebloods project and I managed to find miniatures that were a pretty close approximation of the actual characters themselves.

You've probably seen some of the posts already on the Adventurers from the Land of Olim, but this post will act as an index for the project, touching on the details of each figure with links to each walk through of how I painted most of them.