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My primary project these days is my Warcraft inspired Hordebloods army.

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Strange Magic - Part 2

When I last looked at creating some movie magic from Doctor Strange and applying it to miniatures, it was for the floating runes.

This week I'm going to look at the invisible swords that were created by the antagonists. Now, to be fair, I created the below sword well before Doctor Strange... but since I wrote up THAT tutorial, it made sense to align this tutorial with it.

Below is the effect we're going to learn to create today.

Disassembling Miniatures

Today I'm looking at methods to disassemble miniatures so you can re-use their parts in future projects. As a bonus, there are a few tips on converting and re-posing as well! Thanks to my buddy Mark for the use of his Tau Gunship. Additional thanks to my wife Amanda, brother Adam with his girlfriend Tiffany and parents Gail and Manfred.

Hordebloods - Forsaken Fennblades WIP

I've been working on my Fennblades for quite a while now and it's past due that I post a Work in Progress post about them, especially as I'm quite proud of how they're coming along. The theme of these miniatures is undead, deep blue armour, worn weapons, with a variety of skin colours

The first gentleman off the workbench was my Fennblade Kithkar - the hero. Didn't get much in the way of WIP for him, but I was mostly creating and using him as test case for the rest.

I'm also leaving the basing for when everyone's completed, that way they'll all be uniform.

I'll also admit to breaking one of my rules during this project. Usually, once I start painting a miniature, it gets pulled from the battlefield until complete. But I've been working on them for so long, they've continued to see their fair share of combat.