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My primary project these days is my Warcraft inspired Hordebloods army.

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Building a 3D Game Board

Talk about older projects that deserve to be highlighted... OK, not directly Wargaming related though I could see applications for the skills you're about to see. My dad and I built a 3D game board many years back for an underwater Dungeons and Dragons campaign that my wife was running. (Speaking of, have you seen the Spell Abacus I designed?)

The idea is that for underwater combat, there's multiple levels that things could take place. It's easier to see what's going on since each level is clear. The whole thing tears down easily and is transportable.

Create an Airbrush Carrying Case

My wonderful wife picked me up a new airbrush a while back. It's another Iwata, but moving up from a 0.35mm to a 0.2mm and yes, it makes a difference. But before that I kept my airbrush on my hobby shelf, nothing fancy and now I have a second one to take care of. I wanted to make a nice case for it for a few reasons.

First and foremost I needed a nice case to store and protect them, but also because my Favorite Local Gaming Store has a painting bar with airbrush compressors and I've been working on getting a little more mobile with my hobby supplies.

Hordebloods - Axer base and Final Photos

Wrapping up the Trollblood Axer, I'll touch on how I created his base before showing the final photos. It's another opportunity to see some of the uses of the many sculpting gels that I work with. Today I'm using it to add form and motion rather than using it as a special effect.

The point I want to make today is how miniatures can look so much better when they appear to be alive and engaged rather that static or stoic.