Wargaming Tradecraft

Boba Fett on a Floating Skiff

Dug up an old model and decided to finally give it a layer of paint. It's from West End Games, released in 1988.

I wanted to do something a little different from my usual aggressive highlight and/or shadow contrasts, so I played more with layered light coats and blends.

I feel the miniature is complete and aesthetically my wife pointed out he's got a bit of the look of some of the old school artwork. It's not a look I'm going to keep up with further miniatures.. I'm still so attracted to the high contrast stuff I'm creating these days. I am glad I tried another style though.

Building Display Boards

My Midnight Court project was the first I've created a display board for, so I thought I'd walk through how I built it. Most of this is planning, cutting and gluing but I'll touch on a few unique supplies and techniques as well.

If you'd like to see some details on how I created the black water with a mirrored sub-surface, take a look through this tutorial.

Creating Vlagorescu's Black Water

When creating my black and white ghoul army display board, I wanted to have some water pools, but there was the question of "how?"

I decided to use some of my old techniques for water and try a few new things. I'm really happy with how the dark water turned out.

The following will detail just how I achieved this.

Review - HC SVNT Dracones 3D Printed Miniatures

I've had the opportunity to review another company offering custom designed 3D printed miniatures and again, impressed at how the technology is coming along. You can either watch my full review on YouTube or keep reading for a text version.

* Full disclosure, they provided a free miniature for review purposes.

HC SVNT DRACONES is a company with both an RPG and Custom Miniatures. Their unique offering is that they're about the only company out there offering a wide range of anthropomorphic miniatures and body parts.

Distribution is through Imagine 3D Miniatures, who offer a range of custom miniature services. Printing is done through a company called Shapeways, the same company my Arc Pucks are sold through.

I'm going to do this review in 2 steps. First, the building interface. Second, the model I received in the mail.

* BONUS - They've just launched another Kickstarter if this is something that intrigues you!