Wargaming Tradecraft: Postapocalyptibuggy [part 11]


Postapocalyptibuggy [part 11]

The ongoing chronicle and my first attempt at posting Work In Progress shots, this is my entry for the Massive Voodoo Mad Max Car Competition. I'll list them all on my Step by Step page, or you can view the current WIP series.

I've smoothed out the rear wheel wells. They were a little rough, so I had to file them down first, then a final smoothing with the knife scraping.
Next I used a paper towel to create the canvas covering for the rear of my vehicle. To attach it, I cut out strips of wire and bend them into "U"'s. These U's get stuck through the towel and into the mesh like staples, then I bend and twist the tips together, cutting off the extra.

A little burning and the canvas is aged. It creates a neat effect with the mesh showing through.
I decided a bedroll was in order, so I cut two strips of towel and rolled them up. Then, I finished it off by wrapping each side with some wire.
Decided I also wanted a winch. So, I took some tubing and wrapped it in chain. The hook was fashioned from wire, and thicker wire was run through the tube.

I drilled holes in the bumper, so the winch's larger wire can mount into it.

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