Wargaming Tradecraft: Krielstone Warlock - Voidheart [WIP1]


Krielstone Warlock - Voidheart [WIP1]

Yup, this is the next Warlock that I'm working on for my Hordeblooded army. (You'll recall the first one I completed, wearing Nemesis armour.) I coulda sworn I'd posted some WIP photos of him already, but maybe not.

I haven't quiiiiite figured out how I'm going to handle the big blue glow yet. Tears in his clothing and probably some seams, absolutely. I know I'll do the eyes all glowy like they are, but the face I'm undecided on. I think going all blue would look horrible... but maybe bringing out some blue shadows or highlights would work. Thoughts?

You'll see here that I chopped up a normal troll's hand and gave this guy a sword... mageblades were what I rocked on my 'lock in WoW, so why not? I'm picturing something white and crystalline.

The unifying colours for this squad (aside from the terrain and tabbard) will be the runes across their shoulders and wrists, so those will get done  up green like on the Nemesis armour.

Also notice I've coloured his skin a little differently too... little more yellow in the green. I don't want to paint everyone's skin uniform - because I think some diversity adds to the image and is kinda needed in our hobby.

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  1. Looking great as always.

    I'm with you on the skin tone, I do the same on my Orks. It's also more realistic as not everyone is going to have an identical skin tone. It also keeps things fresh not doing the same thing repeatedly.

    For the glow, if you're worried about a full glowing face then just keep it subtle and leave the eyes as the source. I think it would work better that way as his face is exposed and the entire face glowing I just don't think would work. If his face was hidden, like your lead-in image, that would be another story.


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