Wargaming Tradecraft: New times ahead (promotion = delay)


New times ahead (promotion = delay)

Yeah, tip of the iceberg here
Seriously, it's been quite the summer for delays to my plans for getting some new real content up on this blog, and it looks like there's going to be another one. My work's had one of those shake-ups that nobody enjoys going through, and luckily not only do I still have a job, but I've actually gotten a promotion and been given rule over a site of my own! (broadcast radio + computer/IT engineering)

Like Lauby, I'm having to move. (though not nearly as far as him!) It still means tearing down my studio though, then setting up a new one. I've stolen his idea and taken some photos of the teardown... but what's really exciting me is the prospect of bunkering in to a new hobby-hole and seeing what I can do with the new space.

Because I had some content saved up, and I've had to keep this move secret until the announcement at work, we already found a place and I'm actually moving this weekend and we're about packed up. This means that there shouldn't be too much of a delay. (hopefully) Also, we were able to arrange internet to get transferred the day me move in - yay!

I'll try to take a last minute hop online to post the pics I've taken before tearing down my computers Friday... then next week I should have some time to post at least about the studio setup, and maybe even to put a post on terrain flock together and just needs some pics edited.


  1. Exciting exciting!!! The chance to set up a whole new hobby space just the way you like it. There are probably things in your current set up that you think can be improved. this is your chance. Also cleaning out all the old boxes,drawers and cupboards is great fun because you find stuff you've stored there ages ago. good for new projects and inspiration.

    2 months ago i moved my hobby space from one end of my man cave to a much larger desk and I went to town on building the ideal space with everything within armslength and ready to use. No longer do I have to set up my airbrush but I can just switch it on and it's ready to use. no longer put out the paints that I need but have all my paints, glue,flock (basicly everything that I need) at hand. The other great thing was that I had lots of sprues with bits and cut them all of and stored them in handy boxes so I no longer have to search for hours to find that one particular bit but now it just takes me a couple of seconds.

    Good luck with the move and have fun setting up the new hobby space.

    ps. do you really think your internet will be up the day you move in? For me that has never happened.

  2. Good luck with the move. Had the same thing on my side recently, except it is a country transfer.. going to take a bit longer, and the tear down and set up will be a lot longer..

    Looking forward to seeing what your process is, and how it goes!

  3. Moving can be fun- especially if it comes with a new studio. Can't wait for the new content! And congrats on the promotion!


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