Wargaming Tradecraft: Kickstarter needs to keep its claws out of my wallet


Kickstarter needs to keep its claws out of my wallet

Here's another Kickstarter that threatens to take me to the bank... after Wasteland 2, Shadowrun, Carmageddon, and of course Sedition Wars, now Reaper Minis has to get on board and ask for more of my money. Dang.

I'll be holding out on this one for now as it's not super shiny yet... like Sedition Wars, the $100 level is where it's at, and where the milestone bonuses are being added... but it's not crazy enticing quite yet....

Don't get me wrong, the minis are beautiful as always from Reaper.. but these new plastic minis sell pretty cheap apparently, which means if I couldn't live without some of them, I'd just pick them up individually.

But there's almost a month left, *sigh*, so we'll see how much sweeter the pot gets.

(saw this originally on Garden Ninja)


  1. The dragon and 4 giants have pretty much convinced me on this one.

  2. I'm not sure you would like the Bones minis. They are really, really flimsy plastic that gets easily bent. They are a great cheap alternative to their metal line but if you are a pro painter there's no reason to buy bones. They are for the DMs out there like me that need 20 rats quick.

  3. So, did you give in like me?

  4. Nope, decided I have enough minis for now.


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