Wargaming Tradecraft: [UPDATED] Sourcing Airbrushes


[UPDATED] Sourcing Airbrushes

I realized I left out a section on rough costs for airbrushes, so I've updated the original article.

When I do an update post like this, I'll only update the original article and not tag or link to the update notice. If you'd like to leave comments, please post them to the original.

  • Price

The features you're interested in will determine the price. A mid-range airbrush is a good place to start. Est prices listed in CAN / USD. These prices are just a rough guide - they'll vary quite a bit by brand, region, online vs store front, etc.
  • Low End
    • Typically, a lower end airbrush will be about $50-100 and tend to be single-action, bottom feed models. These are often sold as kits and might come with a few jars and a cheap hose.
    • Their pricing might go up to $150 or so for kits with some extra equipment, but still single-action, bottom feed.
  • Mid Range
    • A decent dual-action, gravity fed airbrush could run you about $100-200 online, or $150-250 in store, hoses and other accessories separate. (Mine was around $200)
  • Higher End
    • An airbrush with a very fine nozzle / needle and lots of extra features (such as built in mac valves and larger reservoirs) will run you hundreds of dollars. Aside from a smaller nozzle / needle, most of these other options aren't necessary for a new airbrusher.
  • Kits
    • You can often get kits for the mid-high end airbrushes too. They'll come with the airbrush, a compressor, a hose and perhaps some cleaning supplies or mixing jars and such.
    • Pricing will vary greatly on these kits, so do a little research before investing. A kit should be roughly the cost of all the items in it, usually with a bit of a discount.
    • A plus side is it's everything you need, all in one place. No hunting around.
    • On the down side, they don't tend to include air tanks... which I'll talk about later with sourcing compressors.