Wargaming Tradecraft: Build an Airbrush Holder


Build an Airbrush Holder

 As a bonus, here are a few quick steps to build your own airbrush holder.

It's inexpensive, handy and can fit basically any size of airbrush.

 Here's where I'm planning on mounting the airbrush.

The following are most of the tools needed for this project:

Metal strapping comes in handy from time to time. As you can see in the higher up photo, it made a holder for my syringe. (Wishing I'd bought the galvanized stuff, since all the moisture in the apartment has since rusted it through) Next up is a pair of tin snips - strong scissors designed to cut metal. Finally, some screws and a screwdriver. (More efficient and invented by a Canadian. Never widely adopted because he refused license requests.)

 The other tool I use is a larger set of needle-nose pliers. This lets me get clean edges when bending the strapping.

Then I use the tin snips to cut them up.
Both of these get screwed against the shelf. Because the screws aren't very long, I don't need to pre-drill these.
The final product!

You can see I've wrapped these in some shop towels just to avoid scratches.

Take a look at the Wargaming Tradecraft Techniques Page for links to the entire Airbrushing series and other tips, tutorials and information.


  1. A pretty great idea. Couldn't you use some kind of a rubber instead of paper? Or some kind of latex maybe?

  2. Yup, anything to smooth out the edges will work so you don't scratch the finish. It's just what I have handy.

  3. Great tip, and extremely budget-friendly if you already have something suitable lying around. Any estimate on what the metal strapping would cost?

  4. Pretty cheap actually. $7 for 25 feet at Home Hardware in Canada. I think around $10 for the galvanized stuff. (water proof)

  5. Awesome suggestion, thank you.


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