Wargaming Tradecraft: Warhammer 40k Vehicle Damage Order [5th ed]


Warhammer 40k Vehicle Damage Order [5th ed]

Loquacious' post over at World of Wonder reminded me I hadn't gotten around to typing up the vehicle damage flow as I said I would so long ago. So, just to show that I can help out in the gaming side of things from time to time, here we go.

The following is a referenced list of how to handle damaging vehicles.

If you like, download the Vehicle Damage Chart as a printable PDF from GoogleDocs and use it as a cheat sheet at games!

1.      Roll to hit.
a.      BS + D6 must be equal to or greater than 7

2.      Determine facing armour.
a.      Facing nearest each model is hit. (front, side, rear) [p60]
                                                              i.      Vehicle visible but not nearest facing, cover save increases. [p62]
b.      If a multiple models in a unit face different sides, resolve hits separately. [p60]
c.       If the center of a blast template hits the vehicle, facing is from the firer. [p60]
d.      If the blast template hits but the center of a marker misses the vehicle, facing is from the center of the template. [p60]
e.      Barrage weapons hit side (top) armour. [p60]
f.        Template weapons use facing from the firer. [p29]
3.      Determine Penetration
a.      Weapon Str + D6 [p60]
b.      + Rending weapons get to add an extra D3 if you roll a 6 to penetrate. [p31]
c.       + Melta weapons at half range or less add an extra D6. [p32]
d.      + Models with Tank Hunters rule add +1  [p76]
e.      - If the blast template center missed the vehicle, weapon is half strength. [p60]
f.        Sniper weapons are Strength 3 vs Vehicles. [p31]
g.      Ordnance weapons roll 2D6 instead of 1 and take the highest. [p60]
h.      Twin-linked (flamer style) template weapons may reroll this. [p31]
4.      Check Penetration Results
a.      If the above total equals Vehicle Armour, causes a Glancing Hit. [p60]
b.      If the above total is greater than Vehicle Armour, causes a Penetrating Hit. [p60]
c.       Lance weapons treat armour above 12 as 12. [p32]

5.      Cover Saves
Might as well save time by checking cover saves now.
a.      4+ save if at least 50% of the facing being shot is obscured. [p62]
                                                              i.      3+ save if models can’t see their facing at all. [p62]
b.      For squads shooting at vehicles, it must be 50% obscured from the majority of models shooting it with weapons that can damage it. [p62]
c.       Area terrain doesn’t automatically provide vehicles with cover. [p62]
6.      Roll  Damage Result
a.      Roll D6 [p61]
b.      + Add 1 if weapon is AP1 [p61]
c.       + Add 1 if vehicle is open topped. [p70]
d.      - Subtract 1 if weapon is AP-  [p61]
e.      - Subtract 2 if it’s a glancing hit. [p61]
7.      Check Damage Result
a.      1 – Crew Shaken
                                                              i.      Vehicle can’t shoot for a turn. [p61]
                                                            ii.      Passengers can’t shoot for a turn. [p67]
                                                          iii.      Multiple results don’t stack for multiple turns. [p61]
                                                           iv.      Thunder Hammers cause this in addition to any other result. [p42]
b.      2 – Crew Stunned
                                                              i.      Vehicle can’t move or shoot. [p61]
                                                            ii.      Vehicles in squadrons treat this result as Shaken. [p64]
                                                          iii.      Multiple results don’t stack for multiple turns. [p61]
c.       3 – Damaged Weapon
                                                              i.      Attacker chooses a weapon to destroy. [p61]
                                                            ii.      If no weapons left, upgrades result to “Immobilized”. [p61]
                                                          iii.      If no weapons left and Immobilized, upgrades to “Wrecked”. [p61]
d.      4 – Damaged Immobilized
                                                              i.      Vehicle can’t move for the rest of the game. [p61]
                                                            ii.      Vehicles in squadrons are instead “Destroyed Wrecked”. [p64]
                                                          iii.      Turrets may still rotate and weapons still have their arcs of fire. [p61]
                                                           iv.      Additional results become “Damaged Weapon”. [p61]
                                                             v.      Additional results with no more weapons, becomes “Wrecked”. [p61]
                                                           vi.      Skimmers that moved Flat Out upgrades to Wrecked. [p71]
e.      5 – Destroyed Wrecked
                                                              i.      Vehicle is left in place and becomes a wreck. [p61]
                                                            ii.      Wrecks counts as difficult and dangerous terrain, blocks LOS. [p62]
                                                          iii.      Passengers immediately disembark and take pinning test. (Any models that can’t disembark are destroyed) [p67]
f.        6 – Destroyed Explodes
                                                              i.      Becomes a crater or difficult terrain. [p61]
                                                            ii.      Every model within D6” of the hull suffers a Strength 3, AP- hit. [p61]
                                                          iii.      Passenger unit suffers a number of hits for every model in the unit, at Strength 4 AP-. Survivors are placed where the vehicle was and take a pinning test. [p67]
Strength 3 against passengers in an open-topped vehicle. [p70]
                                                           iv.      Don’t roll this more than once if there’s multiple results. [faq]


  1. Good list! Should be pretty helpful. That's going in a link on my 40K Basics page.

    May want to note for 7.d.vi that it only applies on the player turn the skimmer moved fast; doesn't apply in enemy's turn.

  2. Nope. On page 71 of the rulebook, under "Shooting at Skimmers" it states "destroyed
    (wrecked) if it moved flat out in its last turn." and the faq simply adds that it can occur on the skimmers turn as well.

  3. Duh, yeah. Early morning mind carrying over transport issues.

  4. heh, no worries. But I bet you spark off a whole bunch of Eldar and Dark Eldar players suddenly flipping through their rulebooks and faqs, hehe.

  5. What if I roll on the damage chart a 1 and its a glancing hit -2?
    Is it "nothing" or "can´t shoot"

  6. 1 is the lowest as, per the rule book, it's "1 or less", the same as the top says "6 or more".


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