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Announcement: Contest!

Well, the Back to Basics series has come to a close and it's been a good run. I enjoyed seeing Ron's method of how he approached things (see Ron's series here) and I hope we managed to help out a lot of newer artists. Now, I want to give something back to you, my readers. If you haven't been following long, or are new, take a look at the below links for tutorials and tips intended to help new artists learn how to paint table-top quality miniatures, gain basic techniques and start to grow as an artist.
I'm going to have a drawing mid-February once TheWife and I get settled into our new place, and six lucky people will be the proud owners of a table-top quality miniature signed by yours-truly. I'll also varnish them to help protect from scratching.

How to Enter
  • First, show some support and do one or both of the following. (Doing both gets you two entries)
    • Visit the Wargaming Tradecraft blog, scroll down and "Follow" me in Google Friend Connect.
      • This is free if you're not already a member, and allows you to comment on most of the blogs out there if they only allow registered users to comment.
    • Visit the Wargaming Tradecraft Facebook page, and "Like" it.
      • This has the added affect of seeing blog updates in Facebook.
  • Send me an email.
    • Visit the Wargaming Tradecraft blog, and click the "e-Mail" link in the top right.
      or, put together: npluspluswargaming [at] gmail [dot] com
    • Use the subject: [B2B Contest]
    • In the email, tell me your Follow and/or Facebook name.
  • You'll have until the end of Friday, February 11th 2011 to get your submissions in. (That gives 3 weeks)
  • I'll assign numbers in the order the emails arrive, two numbers if you both Followed and Liked.
  • I'll randomly pick 6 numbers - first number picked will win the light primer model, next the dark primer, and so on in the order the B2B articles were released.
  • I'll verify the names picked have actually Followed / Liked Wargaming Tradecraft, otherwise I'll choose another number.
  • Winners will be announced at the beginning of the following week.
  • Then I'll email you back for shipping information within a day or two of the announcement. (Check those spam filters!)
    • If you don't get back to me in a reasonable amount of time, I'll pick another number.
I'll stick to displaying first names only, unless you tell me a specific name you'd like to have displayed. I won't post your email and certainly won't post your address.

  • If there's issues shipping to you, such as the post office not allowing me to send to your country, or for some strange reason the cost would be ridiculous, I'll draw again. Sorry, but I'll try my best.
  • I'm just paying for shipping and not any extra fees such as if customs decides to tax or tariff these for some reason.

YOU provide the next Back to Basics content!

In my Introduction to the Back to Basics series I bared all, showing you a progression of miniatures I painted when I first began this hobby. The next step I'd like to take in Back to Basics is to showcase YOUR progression as an inspirational message to newer artists that one day, with practice, things will get better.

It won't get you any more votes in the above contest, but it will get you publicity for your blog / website / gallery and a chance to share your painting experience. Even if you don't have a spot on Internet, I'd still like to hear from you and will still give you the opportunity to share some thoughts.
  • At a minimum:
    • I'm looking for a "then and now" photo showing one of the minis you first painted when your skill was obviously lacking, and a mini to demonstrate where you currently are.
      • You agree to let me resize/crop/fiddle with the image to format it for the site, but obviously I claim no ownership of the image or contents.
      • If you send the pics as two separate photos, I'll probably mash them together like in the example below.
    • I'll stick to displaying first names only, unless you tell me a specific name you'd like to have displayed. I won't post your email.
  • Bonus
    • If you include a brief blurb about your journey of painting, I'll publish it with your image.
      • I'll edit out bad language, what I feel are advertisements, or if your definition of "brief" is over-sized.
    • If you include a link to your website, blog, gallery, etc, I'll link to it with your image.
      • Excluding any sites that may contain questionable content, spam, etc.
If you don't have photos but still want to say a few things on how you've grown as an artist, send them along, and maybe I'll mix these insights in as well.

If you're an artist starting out, show us a couple minis that demonstrate some growth (maybe a second model where you did something that made you really proud) or just a single mini if you're really new - then tell us what you think of the hobby (preferably painting/modding related) as you begin your journey.

I haven't decided on the exact formatting, but I'm picturing posts with nothing but words of wisdom from you guys and nothing from me... maybe I'll interject comments here and there, but I want to stay really hands off on this and showcase YOUR work.

I'm picturing something like an unknown number of posts full of the following:

Nplusplus from http://nplusplus.blogspot.com says:

I've been painting since I was in my early teens. It all began with a fateful trip to Toronto, wandering into Games Workshop and being introduced to the hobby with my first box of "Space Marine". (the Epic scale game, not the army)

These days I don't get to play as often as I'd like, but the hobby itself holds my interest as a great way to unwind and relax. I don't have any schooling in art, but after roughly 15 years of off and on hobbying, I've taught myself a lot. With Internet now, it makes sharing and learning a lot easier and has been an excellent opportunity to flourish.

[Update: Feel free to send this stuff in separate from you Contest entry]


  1. Done my bit for Dave.

    Time you all did yours :)

  2. What a cool idea.
    I had to borrow most of the minis I used in my posts, so they went back to their original owners.

    Ron, FRom the Warp

  3. That's a good 'un. I'm in, and I'll see if I can find some pictures of my earliest Undead...

  4. I was the first person to 'like' his face book page.
    Just having Dave's stuff to read has made me a winner.


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