Wargaming Tradecraft: on Competitive Gaming and List Building


on Competitive Gaming and List Building

via http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2011/1/21/new-world-record/


  1. It only works if they both believe it. If they set up and play, anything could happen. There are dice to roll, and psychology - especially justified self-belief - has a huge role too.

    If the guy on the left had got hold of the other guy's list first, he could also have pulled the same trick. The mental atmosphere in the hobby at the moment has players terrified that someone knows something they don't. If you've got an unconventional list, maybe you do know that thing.

  2. To be fair, I think psychology just won.

  3. To Porky: The comic strip has two main characters and the one in this strip is the doofus. Gabe is generally assumed to be incapable of regular thought and would have a list that features zero logic. Im pretty sure the joke isn't about the state of the hobby as much as the character's themselves but of course that just my opinion.
    Also, the comic strip for yesterday was about tycho finding his wife in a porn he was watching and then gabe seeing it. Where did you find that comic?


  4. It popped up on my RSS... lol, looks like it's gone now - they must have scheduled it wrong. Well, get it here folks, Penny Arcade in the FUTURE!!!


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