Wargaming Tradecraft: Announcement: Sharing and Facebook


Announcement: Sharing and Facebook

New Sharing Options

A friend of mine has been researching (see: tracking) social media use by friends and fellow students and had some good things to say recently in support of embracing this new age of social media.

At the bottom of every post on my site and through RSS, you can now spread the love to your friends via eMail, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook and Digg. (configurable through Blogger and Feedburner)

I've also added larger Tweet and Facebook Like links to the bottom of my posts. You can add these plugins to your blog as well - For Twitter and for Facebook. Just modify the settings some, then follow the instructions on where to copy the code.

(However, while Tweeting works, the counter doesn't seem to be.. maybe it takes a little while)

Wargaming Tradecraft on Facebook

I've created a Wargaming Tradecraft Facebook Page and added a jump right below the Google Friend Connect section on the right side of my blog.

I'll start linking to all of my articles from here, giving you one more way to follow the site if you're not one for RSS. (Just as soon as Facebook stops treating this blog as spam)

Now you can also show your support for Wargaming Tradecraft by "Liking" it in Facebook and sharing it's content with your friends and family.

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