Wargaming Tradecraft: Time for Games Workshop to Drop Misogyny from their Fluff


Time for Games Workshop to Drop Misogyny from their Fluff

Games Workshop has been doing a great job on social media to promote the upcoming release of their newest version of Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer TV's tutorials have become a staple for many aspiring artists. It's refreshing to see a modernized approach to engaging with their fans.

As Games Workshop embraces the modern era, it's time to update some of the background that has become so ingrained in their storylines and culture. I'm talking specifically about how their writers have defined that women are too weak to be genetically engineered into mighty heroes of the galaxy. This attitude negatively influences younger players within the hobby and infects the minds of established gamers.

With the new edition about to release, it's time to change. They could change based on the content in the video they just released. But I bet they won't. In fact, I doubt the idea even garnered a real conversation. I would love to be proven wrong.

If you haven't seen it yet, the video's below. Keep reading to see my take on things.

via White Eagles Wargames Club
Cosplayer: Khelga Khromaya
Armour Made by: Roman Butko
In Defense of Fluff

The number one excuse people hide behind is that there's a ton of background story that says only men are strong enough to be Space Marines. There have been attempts to add in a few other reasons but what it comes down to is writers coming up with excuses. Continuing the idea that women are inferior to men is simply unhealthy. (You can read about this online. I've seen it in person.)

As more races are released and expanded between 40k, AoS and mini-games, women are continually excluded. In the Games Workshop universe, women are the thing of elves, demons and the token Sororitas. (Mostly female Nun faction.)

The Point I Want to Make:

Don't tell me the sculpts don't exist because the story line doesn't allow it.

The Solution to Female Space Marines
in 8th Edition Warhammer 40k

via Kotaku
Cosplayers: CosAwesome Studios
Armour Made by:
The video touches on the son of the Emperor bringing a new chapter to humanity's reign. New genetic engineering, digging up old technology and the need for more Space Marines. I'm not going to get into too much detail - I'm not trying to write fan fiction, but spark a positive and important conversation as a new dawn rises in the 40K universe.

Regarding replenishing the ranks of Space Marine chapters, there is a good solution. They could have children. Partners of any sexual orientation and children would give all marines something more to fight for. Writers could still add their "macho" fluff about how glorious it is to lose a family member in battle.

As for the how, science is constantly coming across new discoveries. Unearthing old tech, mixing it with new... there's nothing that says a discovery couldn't be made that makes it possible.

How Many are Needed?

The answer is "not many." Other game systems don't have an equal split between men and women but they do tend to ensure there's a good representation of strong female characters. It's not a question of how many female Space Marines to include in a box, it's about making sure the background of your setting doesn't promote that one group is inferior to another.

Prove Me Wrong

I'd like to be wrong. I would love it. I'd like to see part of the new Warhammer 40k kick off the idea that all life is equal. If not, maybe by some chance someone from GW will participate in a conversation sparked by this article and decide enough is enough. Because really... it's time.

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