Wargaming Tradecraft: Boba Fett on a Floating Skiff


Boba Fett on a Floating Skiff

Dug up an old model and decided to finally give it a layer of paint. It's from West End Games, released in 1988.

I wanted to do something a little different from my usual aggressive highlight and/or shadow contrasts, so I played more with layered light coats and blends.

I feel the miniature is complete and aesthetically my wife pointed out he's got a bit of the look of some of the old school artwork. It's not a look I'm going to keep up with further miniatures.. I'm still so attracted to the high contrast stuff I'm creating these days. I am glad I tried another style though.

Painting the Armour

Started out and gave the miniature a light, thinned layer of paint to block out the colours overall.
Followed that up with adding more definition by mixing in white and black to my colours while trying to create gradients rather than too obvious lines.

Added a few small details to finish off - yellow lines on his helmet and a (really) symbol on his shoulder.

My good digital camera seems to be getting more pixelated these days :\ Craters on the Moon, no problem, macro, fuzz.

Painting the Cloth

Like the armour, used a thinned down grey paint to paint a rough thin layer of paint to block out shadow and highlights. I then go back in, again mixing in black and white to the grey, to add more definition on the highlights and shadows.

Building the Hovering Skiff

The process was actually pretty straight forward.

  1. To start out, I traced a water bottle lid on some clear plastic blister packaging.
    (Do you recycle your packages?) 
  2. Cut out and shape the platform into more of an oval shape.
  3. I cut out a trapezoid strip and glue ONE side of it to the circle.
  4. Once that's dry, I bend the other side in and glue it in place.
If there's one takeaway from this, it's to glue one side first, then the other. Keep that in mind when gluing complicated things. Instead of fighting with it, gluing your fingers together and to your models, just glue one part, then the other.


  1. I cut and glue some pinning wire to build a skeleton for the handles on the skiff.
  2. Used green stuff to sculpt the skiff itself around the frame.
  3. I've also cut and bent some more plastic to act as a stand.
    1. It's roughly a triangle but the top is flat, stuck into the green stuff.
    2. I've folded the bottom to create a flat surface to glue to the base.

Worth noting, blister packaging doesn't melt to plastic glue, use super glue.

I just painted detail on, rather than sculpting the panels.

Final Photos

So how'd it all turn out? Take a look below.

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