Wargaming Tradecraft: Count Vlagorescu's Midnight Court [High Res]


Count Vlagorescu's Midnight Court [High Res]


This was a project that I completed for two reasons. The first was that I've been wanting to build an Age of Sigmar army to game with the folks at our new local Warhammer store. Then came along Armies on Parade 2016. That was the push that I needed to complete it.

The following is my Flesh-Eater Courts army that I've named Count Vlagorescu's Midnight Court.

Ghoul King on Terrorgheist

The Ghoul King is the big bad of the army and something that I really wanted to stand out.Whites are the overall contrast on this miniature with a dark body that shoots out to lighter grey wings.

Playing with contrasts, I went darker for the muscle tissue and lighter for the flesh. Not a huuuge fan of how the eyes turned out, but it was tricky to highlight a hole.

The Ghoul King is supposed to be surfing on the body, but it looked so out of place and broke up the lines on the body. My Wife suggested putting him on the base and it worked out so well.


I used a similar scheme as the Terrorgheist for the Vargulf, though there was less muscle showing and more fur which I went with white highlights. This created a lighter, more blended grey composition.

Crypt Ghouls

The ghouls had much more black going on with them, a little bit of whiter grey for their back hair and loin cloths with white claws and bones. Their faces ended up fantastic though. I've got a tutorial coming up on how I painted the glowing eyes.

Crypt Flayers

All my infantry had similar paint jobs. Flayers ended up with a lighter composition due to darker grey wings and lighter grey fur on their backs.

Crypt Horrors

Unlike the Flayers, Horrors got a stronger contrasting composition through black bodies, white claws and bones with very little grey.

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