Wargaming Tradecraft: Bracing Bows (Attaching string to miniature bows)


Bracing Bows (Attaching string to miniature bows)

There are plenty of fantasy miniatures that have bows and crossbows, but they never have the bow string because it would be too fine to mold. Most of the time, we leave this detail off, but there's really no reason to.

The following is a short, simple article meant to inspire with a couple tips to make it look the best.

Fun fact: The act of stringing a bow is called "bracing."

String is easy to come by and you have a few options.

  • Black string looks traditional and will stand out.
  • White string can be painted any colour if you'd like to work it in to your scheme.
  • I went with a metallic white that has tints of other colours depending on how the light hits it.
    * Keep in mind that this effect will be obvious on the spool, but subtle when looking at a single string.
To attach the string, do the following:

1. Place a drop of super-glue on the end of a fine tool / pick / toothpick.
2. Touch this super-glue to one end of the bow.
3. Hold one end of the string in this glue until it dries.
* If you dip the string in some water, the glue will dry quicker, but won't be as strong.

4. Wait for the first drop of glue to fully dry, the next steps will put pressure on the bond.

* Crossbows

5.* Touch another drop of glue behind the the bolt.
6.* Pull the string tight and hold it in the glue until it dries.

7. Touch a final drop of glue to the other end of the bow.
8. Pull the string tight and hold it in the glue until it dries.
9. Cut the string off from the other end of the bow.

This will leave you with a nicely braced miniature bow. I get it though.. easy enough for a miniature hero in your Dungeons and Dragons party, but pretty time consuming if you have an army full of archers.

Fun Fact! That's Guitar String that I've used to turn this miniature's sword into a Rapier.

Curious how she turned out? There you are!


  1. Awesome tutorial Dave, simple and yet looks awesome. Love the rapier conversation as well, how did you get it to stay straight?

    1. Thanks! I drilled a small hole in with my pin vice. The tighter you get it the straighter it will be. You can also add a little green stuff around the base to hold it in place.

      Also, thanks for identifying a bug in the site. Apparently Disqus wasn't enabling on mobile :) I've got it fixed!


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