Wargaming Tradecraft: Hordebloods: Janissa Stonetide Tauren WIP


Hordebloods: Janissa Stonetide Tauren WIP

I've begun working on what's probably the most controversial model in my Hordebloods army. Controversial, because TheWife and friends feel strongly in their belief that her hair looks like a cape. I tell them maybe it's Maybelline.

As I start applying paint, I realize it's the mouth, if anything, that doesn't look the greatest. But I love her hair.

As a first step, I take the airbrush to her. Takes me a number of layers, but I get the base highlights looking how I want them to. (Roughly)

I don't use my airbrush nearly enough to really have good control with it, but I'm getting better. I picked up some real big-kid airbrush paints and they just flow soooo much nicer. I've also started airbrushing around 20-30 psi which gives me lots more control than when I was belting paint out at 45 psi.

Since making the hair look right is pivotal, I've decided to paint the rest of her first so I can see the overall composition before I tackle the intimidating part. You'll notice I've used Black Gesso to re-prime over all the airbrush over spray.

Still not entirely sure where she's going, I base some other parts roughly, like her cape (Her actual cape.) and even her base.

I also haven't completed any of the areas I'm painting. I've based them, done some highlights and shades, but nothing final.

I've also cleaned up the cape and added some effects to her armour.

To finish off this stage of Janissa, I decided to give her a diamond pick axe. Why not? It's fun!

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