Wargaming Tradecraft: Minor Article Updates


Minor Article Updates

Traditionally, this is the time of year when people are offline and heading off to the respective events for the holidays. As such, I'm taking it easy today and just posting a brief list of some of the posts I've added minor updates to recently.

I know there are a lot of people who don't buy in to the whole "New Years Resolution" thing. But rather than going on every day, plodding along as usual, why not look forward to milestones as a time for change?

You can expect some big changes in the new year at Wargaming Tradecraft and I look forward to seeing you all then!

To those of you who are around and reading this, why not peruse some of these old, but no less relevant articles.

Resin looks like plastic, but plastic glue won't work and gums things up.
- All about Glue

Misc updates
- Dictionary

Instead of fancy arc markers, you could just buy a circular template.
Painting Base Arcs

Add some notes on my Light Box while discussing Backgrounds.
- Create a Background for Photography

Adding a few of the initial photos when beginning to build my earthy wall terrain.
- Building an Earthy Wall

I've added a photo of the tokens in my Battle Foam case to my review of Greenman Designs.
- [REVIEW] Greenman Designs

Some updates about sourcing added to my article on using a spice rack to store flock.
- Spice Rack Flock Container

And with that, Happy Holidays to you and yours!
Also, have yourselves a great New Year!

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