Wargaming Tradecraft: Hordebloods - Tauren Warders pt2


Hordebloods - Tauren Warders pt2

In the first post about my Warders, I looked at attaching horns and sculpting hair on the heads. As I found with my Runeshapers, when you put a big Tauren-looking head sticking out of a troll's body, the scale gets funky and the torso looks too small.

In todays post I'm focusing on sculpting larger shoulders to beef up their upper body, merging head and shoulder hair, creating eyebrows and putting the final touches in place.

My Warders are now at a point where I'm happy to field them until I'm ready to touch brush to primer.

This handsome fellow is looking strong and stalwart, but definitely needs something to pull the rest of his body up to his head.

I start by laying some green stuff over and around his shoulders at a thickness I like. Then, I smooth and shape it so it has the form I want the falling hair to have.

Next I just press and carve lots of streaks into the hair. At times, I poke upward to create definition where the hair layers.

Unlike my other Warders, I didn't give this guy hair up top until after the shoulders. This lets me layer his head hair over his shoulders to add a little variety.

(Business up front, party in the back.)

I also covered his basic eyebrows with some hair.

Not much different here.

Worth pointing out though, is even with hair, watch the details already on the model.

While a lot gets covered up by the hair, look at his back and see how on this guy I've left his right shoulder strap in place and carved hair on either side of it.

Another difference is to create strongly defined cuts that pull the hair away from the bulk. On this guy's rear shot you can see hair that's flowing towards the center of his back.

Once I have things layered how I like, I'll use clippers if I think somewhere is too thick. A knife would smudge and spread the green stuff.
Just an example of how a blob of green stuff turns in to hair.
On some, I've blended the upper head hair into the shoulders.

Not to focus on the head and shoulders, I've also given them hairy knuckles. To create this, I just wrap a thin snake of green stuff around their hands, push it all in to place, then sculpt in the hair.

And here we have the Tauren Warders complete!

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