Wargaming Tradecraft: Another Old Stuff Day, March 2nd 2013


Another Old Stuff Day, March 2nd 2013

Another Old Stuff Day, which I'm a little late at posting.. (Thanks to Creative Twilight for reminding me) but today I've decided to highlight some of the posts that were quite popular over the years.. essentially taking the choices of some of my most read articles found through googling and bringing them to light for my regular readers.

To read some of the posts I've highlighted previously, take a look at 2012's and 2011's Old Stuff Day posts.

I always like to point back at my post on Bringing a New Style to the Hobby, because I feel it's something that all artists should attempt at some point. And this year, I have something to show along those lines. Painting the models last year for Headshots from the Heart charity marathon (which, btw, is ramping up for this year) was a real blast.. cell shading on minis? So much fun, and the style ended up looking fantastic. Since then, I've been painting my Hordebloods army with a strong, bold style that makes them stand out on the battlefield.

At some point, my post that talks about using notebooks became one of my most read posts. Not sure how that happened, but think to yourself - do you write down your painting formulas?

A post that's picked up a lot of attention is my Parents Guide to Tabletop Wargaming.. which I've actually been updating this last week and should be done soon.. a gaming store has actually shown interest in handing this out and I'm cleaning it up for that reason.

For those of you just getting in to the hobby or curiously exploring the idea, there's my guide to Choosing a Game System.

Also, there are a lot of glues out there, and here's some instruction on choosing the right one for the job.

Last, but not least, we can't forget my Warhammer 40k Memes post... images I'd made / shopped for a Blood of Kittens competition. Don't ask me how this became so popular... apparently I'm a funny guy. (33,000 hits on a single article can't be wrong, right?)

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