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Hordebloods: Krielstone Warlocks: Felheart WIP 1

This is a model my wife won at a Hordes tournament. It's from the Iron Kingdoms line of Privateer Press. I've added some greenstuffed shoulders and a book by her side.. Seeing the horns curving up from her hood, I just had to paint her up as an undead female wearing the Felheart Rainment.

As usual, I started with the skin, and went from a pale while to adding colour. First shades, then built back up to highlights. She's still got a dress that I can paint red to tie in to the universal red tabbard of my army.

The grey was trickier to paint up. After the base, I darkened it with some blues and purples, then built back up to the lighter grey and white highlights.

She didn't have any runes on her, but there were still plenty of areas that I was able to tie the bright green in to the rest of the Stone Bearers.

If you read my post the other day regarding building an earthy wall, then you saw how far she's come. I have a few more special effects to add after varnishing, then the final photos will go up.

Take a look at my Step by Step page for the entire Hordebloods project.

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