Wargaming Tradecraft: Headshots: Moxxi WIP


Headshots: Moxxi WIP

 With a big push this holiday weekend, I completed Moxxi, my final Borderlands figure. Basing is up next, and a few final touch-ups all around. Hoping to be done today.

...but that's not the topic of todays post.

 Nothing new here... as I've been doing, here are the base colours that I'll be using.

You'll notice there's a slight shading on Moxxi's red.
 And now I've done more shading to her outfit, as well as shading her skin pinker, adding red to the yellow trim for a firey look and highlighting her hair.

You'll also notice that I've shaded her right leg differently. Darker. This leg's in fishnets, and it'll just need some diamond patterning to create this.

 Here I've created her face... and I think I need to recreate it in the final steps. I like this softer look.

Next I've done more shading and highlighting. Cleaning things up over-all before cell-shading.

Finally, here she is. As I mentioned above, I think I'll need to touch up her face to soften it. Otherwise, feels good to be at this point!

With many thanks to MiniWarGaming and their crew for donating the miniatures that are being painted for this project.

Final figures will be auctioned off, all proceeds going to the Childs Play charity during the Headshots from the Heart marathon.

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