Wargaming Tradecraft: Headshots: Bases


Headshots: Bases

 This project wouldn't be complete without creating some nice display bases for the figures to stand on.

As mentioned earlier, I'm creating 2 bases for each figure: 1, using their normal base, making them legal for playing... and the 2nd is a larger base with a little decoration for display purposes.

All models are magnetized for this reason.

I've taken a model VW shaggin'-wagon to create some bus debris. Chop some parts up, add a little bit of fire to melt and twist these parts to get a natural look, and here's where we're at. You'll also notice I've green stuffed the first stands on their generic bases so they stand firmly.

And here they are on their display bases. Again, I've used green stuff to form firm foot holds for them, all with magnets inside.

 The generic bases I prime black, which makes a nice undercoat for sand.

The display bases I prime white, to keep in style with the models.

A little wet-painting, heavy washing, and air-brushing later, we have the start of painting the bases complete.

Now I've added pigments...

And finally, the bases cell-shaded / highlighted and pictured with their figures.

And pictured by themselves after sanding them up and spraying on a protective varnish.

Tune in later today for photos of the completed Borderlands miniatures.

With many thanks to MiniWarGaming and their crew for donating the miniatures that are being painted for this project.

Final figures will be auctioned off, all proceeds going to the Childs Play charity during the Headshots from the Heart marathon.

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