Wargaming Tradecraft: Hordebloods WIP: Mauler 2: Airbrushing


Hordebloods WIP: Mauler 2: Airbrushing

MMmm, yes, after a long laundromat filled evening, I broke out the airbrush, and did I have fun!

There was a somewhat anti-climactic start, as it turned out I had to give it a good clean first, but that was fine, because once I did, this is what happened...

As with all priming of complicated models, there are places you miss... so I cover them up with Gesso, then paint over them with black paint... maybe I need to find some black gesso. (Which I know exists.

After that, I set my airbrush around 15-20 psi, (something another blog suggested) and started practising with some darker colours I knew I'd be painting over. As I practised, I worked up to 40 psi and used more thinner... which did the charm... lower PSI's, you'll remember, create more splatter and less of an even pattern. In the end, I was almost filling my reservoir with thinner, and only adding a few brushes of paint.

Then it's just a matter of layering lots of thin layers of very thin paint, tinting the surface over and over again to strengthen the colours. It actually goes a lot way... But I used up half my jar of thinner, so now I'm going to have to dig back in my posts to see what my actual mix was.... here

Here's where he stands... and I'm incredibly happy with how he's turning out. I might highlight his back a little more, going softer instead of brighter. I'll also probably freehand some shadows into his muscles. Goal? Kinda hoping to finish him up by the end of Saturday, but we'll see. I have lofty plans of tattooing his arms. (Then again, as I look at him, I worry tattoos would detract)

Total time airbrushing, roughly 4 - 4.5 hrs... (unfortunately the pics don't do it justice)

Oh, and, uh...

Hordebloods are red,
Trolls are blue,
This Mauler is purple,
A mix like me and you.

Happy Valentines Day, all!

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  1. Slick work with the airbrush, Dave. I love your choice of colors.

  2. Thanks muchly.. I was up way past my bedtime, but I was just having so much fun both painting him and getting a stronger feel for using the airbrush. I think I've decided to paint the rest of him next, then do the final highlighting / shading last.. that way I can work the overall skin tone around however the rest of him turns out.


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