Wargaming Tradecraft: Hordebloods: Mauler WIP 3


Hordebloods: Mauler WIP 3

More airbrushing... meant to post this up earlier, but here's where he's at. There's more colour all around, and I filled in some details with a red wash. Hoping to finish it up tomorrow.

I highlighted with a little pink, which actually brought the purple out more. Also brought his softer skin to more of a white shade.

The tusks were made by roughly dry-brushing on many layers of different brown to give them a natural "streaked" look, before washing to blend the drybrush. I touched that up with a little airbrushing to add a "flow" of colour.

His teeth and nails I also airbrushed... the teeth were too small an area though and are going to need some manual brushing. His finger nails turned out excellent though.

The hair is still a little rough... I manually painted it first, then airbrushed a few layers, using a piece of paper as a backdrop to avoid overspray. The orange and yellow I used was too thin though, so they didn't really show up. I'm going to have to spray on a layer of lighter (thicker) orange and white before going back over with the brighter (thinner) colours.

Take a look at my Step by Step page for the entire Hordebloods project.

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  1. looks damn nice, man. Damn nice.

  2. Thanks muchly :) This airbrush really makes all the difference... and I'm surprised at the detail I can get by moving it up close.

  3. Nice, I've not used the airbrush for this type of work yet, but seeing how yours has turned out I think I should. Thanks for sharing.


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