Wargaming Tradecraft: Warhammer 40,000 Memes


Warhammer 40,000 Memes

Blood of Kittens Adepticon display board.
As many of you are aware, Blood of Kittens had a contest a short time ago to have readers submit Warhammer 40k styled memes to end up on their poster board at Adepticon. For those interested, take  look at their Adepticon coverage.

I may not have any coverage, but the following are my entries to the meme contest and should provide some amusement for everyone. Feel free to link and share and spread the love all you want! (Just please remember a link back here :)

even this shocked me...


  1. You ever have the overwhelming desire to smash your own forehead in?

  2. Since I try to keep my content acceptable for everyone, I'm curious what you found so offensive.

  3. A different DaveTue Nov 29, 05:09:00 pm

    I can't speak for Anonymous, but I certainly can't look at the second to last image without at least a mild desire to smash my own forehead in (which is probably the point :) ).

    Unrelated: why does the chatroulette sister have a shoe on her head?

  4. lol, man, I tell ya.. came across that pic on Deviant Art, and my head almost blew up... some people are messed up.

    the shoe thing's a little side meme as well...

  5. i wanted to kill my self when i saw that pic


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