Wargaming Tradecraft: Postapocalyptibuggy [Part 14]


Postapocalyptibuggy [Part 14]

The ongoing chronicle and my first attempt at posting Work In Progress shots, this is my entry for the Massive Voodoo Mad Max Car Competition. I'll list them all on my Step by Step page, or you can view the current WIP series.

I've finished up the basing for the consoles and the seating with the airbrush.. all that's left being going over them with a brush.

 Next I'm painting the rust on the undercarriage. These photos didn't turn out as well as I'd liked, but here's the progress.

Notice on the first one, I used a yellow/brown that wasn't completely mixed.

Basically, I used a yellowish orange, followed by some deep red, then some stronger orange, and roughed it up with some chestnut.

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  1. Looking awesome, as always. I'm amazed at how much effort you are putting into this piece and the amazing attention to detail. Lots of different techniques shown in the series too.


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