Wargaming Tradecraft: Postapocalyptibuggy [Part 18]


Postapocalyptibuggy [Part 18]

The ongoing chronicle and my first attempt at posting Work In Progress shots, this is my entry for the Massive Voodoo Mad Max Car Competition. I'll list them all on my Step by Step page, or you can view the current WIP series.

I've now set down my airbrush and began detailing... not too far off now.

 TheWife suggested I do a little more to make the fuzzy steering wheel fuzzy, so I covered it in sand and painted it up.. beginning to think I need to go with her original suggestion of using flock.
 Rather than use decals, I chose to paint on the dashboard.

I also scratched up the cover for the dash.

For those unaware of the mug reference, take a look at ZEE CAPTAIN!

Duct Tape will be a requirement for surviving any post apocalyptic situation.

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