Wargaming Tradecraft: Wargaming Tradecraft is Mobile Enabled


Wargaming Tradecraft is Mobile Enabled

Wargaming Tradecraft is now enabled for mobile devices!

If you want to enable it for your own blog, this is a beta service under Settings - Email and Mobile. (you may have to access it from http://draft.blogger.com )

The examples on this page are from Blogger's preview, and it certainly doesn't look like this on my Blackberry. So, it may look slightly different from one device to another - if any of you have some form of mobile, like an Android, iPhone,Windows Mobile or newer Blackberries, I'd appreciate it if you could let me know how things look.

It would appear that comments aren't yet formatted, but Blogger beta stuff can always change. So, hopefully they don't break anything as they tweak.

The only problem of course is that my posts are often photo heavy. This could mean slow load times and I hope you have a good data package.

As you can see, both posts and pages are supposed to format and shrink to fit a smaller screen.

At the very bottom is the option to view the page in the normal web version.

So, verdict?


  1. Depends on the device used, as a lot of newer mobile browsers will reformat the page anyhow. For all others, or for those with it disabled it looks more useable than before.

    To be honest though, I'm stuck in the age of RSS. It does make commenting slightly quicker though :)


  2. I had no idea RSS was the past. I thought it was still the future what with HTML5 looming large.

    Good job on going mobile. I'll take a peek next time I'm out and about.


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