Wargaming Tradecraft: Best Painting / Converting Blog of 2010?


Best Painting / Converting Blog of 2010?

pics or it didn't happen, right? (That's not actually my photo)
Thank you very muchly to the guys over at the Blood of Kittens Network, who've suggested Wargaming Tradecraft is the Best Painting / Converting Blog of 2010. Hop on over there and take a look at their "Best Of" series as they continue to look back at the greatness of the past year. Also, kudos to them for going to the trouble of converting their site into a community and actually hosting space for authors... as well as to Deathtron for being one of the first, lending his ego fame.

I started Wargaming Tradecraft this past summer with the intent to create a site that was a resource for all artists of any level, covering tools and techniques alike while avoiding lists, tactics and other forms of e-drama. I'm not a pro, I have no schooling in art, but as Tasty says in the review, I've "tried, failed and succeeded". I'm just here telling you how I do things, with a smattering of what I've seen others do and will continue writing honest articles to try and help others in their own hobbying.

That, and you can always find anything I've talked about with my handy index pages at the top, rather than allow everything to disappear into the past.

Now, I don't want to steal the spotlight - because believe me, there are a whole bunch of fabulous blogs from people who've been doing this for a lot longer who have a lot more skill at what they do than I. I don't want to give you a list of a few of the people / networks I read and say "These are the best" because there's a lot of people I follow in RSS now, a few I've favorited and some I'm keeping an eye on. All of them are quality sites worth visiting. (and I know I would end up leaving somebody out)

I've had a lot of inspiration along the way and I'll continue sharing the things that grab my attention during my Weekly Update. (There's a lot of awesomeness from other sources if you clicky that link and take a browse.) If you actually break out of RSS though and go to my blog, there's a "Currently Reading" section on the right, with a "show all" at the bottom - these are all the blogs I follow daily in RSS (sorted by last post) and I recommend taking a look at each of them. (I've seen a lot of other excellent blogs but, with apologies, I don't follow ones that appear to be mostly tactics, lists and such)

I also plan on starting a series on tips to creating and maintaining your own blog, because lets face it, sharing is a part of this hobby.


  1. It's well earned. There's only a few hobby blogs I follow and yours is one of them. I love the hobby side of things but I find most of the hobby blogs to be egocentric, way above my level, or simply dull and lacking. Your blog is none of those things, which I commend you on.

  2. The fact that you maintain conversations with your readers makes a difference, too.

  3. belated congrats on this from my... erm... ego


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