Wargaming Tradecraft: Weekly Update


Weekly Update

So, a few things from the past week... more than I expected.

First off - Happy 1yr Birthday Massive Voodoo! If you haven't already visited them, do so. What I love about these guys is their art's incredible and they paint from the heart. This is a blog dedicated to showing others not only how to make some incredible creations, but to also do it for yourself, because that's what's important.

I got up a post on using paint on primer called gesso. This one is for all you people stuck in climates where spraying primer on sucks - now you have another option for basing your miniatures. I also bought a funnel and snapped some photos while I used it.

There's a new addition to my sidebar that I've noticed a few blogs have picked up: RevolverMaps. It's a site that lets you see where your readers are from - I think this is an awesome feature as it interests me to see where my blog is being viewed.

I've joined a second blog network. *glances over to the right hand column* Int'l House of Pancakes. I don't quite get the name either, but they've got a good thing going over there. It's run by some guys who are pretty tell-it-like-it-is. I was also featured on their Weekly Top X for my post on varnish. It's important to note that this group is aimed at an adult audience - it's basically anything goes as long as you're not discriminating against race, gender, orientation, etc.
That means kids, stick with From the Warp which is PG. FTW still has tons of great stuff over there including Tutorials from blogs all over, (including some of mine) some great Editorials to think about and every week they highlight some of the past weeks posts from around. (I'd link, but they don't seem to have labels)

For the record, this blog will remain PG - not because I'm a goody two-shoes, but because I started this hobby as a kid and want my information to be properly shareable with all ages. If the internet was what it was when I was starting out, who knows what I'd have learned and be creating today.

Also, Kirby over at Kirb Your Enthusiasm has launched a chatroom -  http://kirbyourenthusiasm.chatango.com . I figure this could go one of two ways, considering the venom already found on forums, but being able to chill out and actually dialog with people has it's benefits.
His site's got a lot of good detailed writing posts on various games with in depth reviews and tips. There's a number of guys working on it and if you haven't seen it, it's worth checking out.

Something else that really caught my eye this week is Drathmere's blog over at http://40khobbyblog.blogspot.com/. He's trying some interesting techniques at the moment - Painting wish washes. He's creating some pretty cool things with the style and I might try it myself somewhere down the line. I suggest taking a look.

Wow.. this didn't intend to end up as a link post - busy week I guess.


  1. I love painting with just inks, here are some links of my Raptors space marines, painted in a camo scheme using just the GW washes.
    Test Mini
    Work in Progress
    Assault Squad

    Also, my Orcs & Goblins are painted with just washes, but over a grey undercoat.
    Goblin Archers

  2. That stuff's pretty good. I like how the assault squad turned out, though it seems that other times paint by wash doesn't turn out so good. It's certainly something I want to experiment with at some point. Might be a good way to do some quick and decent looking tabletop level commission work though.


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