Wargaming Tradecraft: The Funnel


The Funnel

That's right folks, I bought a funnel! One more mitey weapon to add to my crafting arsenal.

As this blog is dedicated to everything you need to know about the craft, no detail is too small. As such, an excitingly short post about funnels is now to commence...

I bought the funnel because as I work on my water tutorial I'm finding I need a good way to clean up the sand. You see, when I base with sand and such, I like to apply some thinned wood / white glue over the area, completely cover it in the sand and then brush the extra back into it's container. This is easy enough when you're working with small bases, but at uneven terrain scale, it's going to get messy.

Simply lift your terrain and pour the excess sand into your funnel, aiming for the container you want everything in.

Now, there is actually a slight problem you can run into. As you may have discovered in the past, fine sand can stick to things because of static. A plastic funnel will be one of those things, so you may end up with some bits left behind. You'll want to clean them off so they don't create a mess or contaminate another type of sand. Use a damp paper towel to wipe it down - don't blow it off, unless you want a face full of sand.

You can find them at most hardware stores and they come in different sizes. I'd suggest a larger one.

Would you believe there's other features you can look for besides size? This one is huge (look at it lying on paints) and has a rim to help avoid spills - it cost me a whopping $2.98.

Yeahhh, so how exciting was that? Anyone else have uses for these things that don't involve reenacting The Wizard of Oz?


  1. you can put the narrow end near your mouth when you talk to sound louder.

  2. Heh, good thing that doesn't work on forums.


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