Wargaming Tradecraft: Weekly Update


Weekly Update

Well, to start off this has been a great week of Games Day goodness and travelling / vacationing. But now I'm back to the grind, having to catch up on things and go about the usual.

You guys and gals almost got a new blog - I do lots of crazy techie stuff between work and play and attempted to rebuild a Dell power adapter. I was going to document it and launch a tech blog with the odd hard / impossible to find tips I develop. Before tinkering with this thing, I tried reproducing the hissing / buzzing noises it was making by wiggling the cords for the adapter... suddenly it created a small fireball, singe-ing my thumb. (Fireball is actually the best way to describe it - because it WAS a fireball) We have two exact same power supplies, both doing the same thing... and now we have a 3rd coming from eBay because I'm not attempting the rebuild the other one after that. (whoever designed these made a mess of the electrical isolation) Soooo, yeah... that's Dell for ya - good thing it didn't happen while sitting on something flammable, or a more delicate part of my body.

Took some R&R after Games Day this weekend and beat Borderlands - woo! Anyways, that inspired this project.

I've also photographed a couple tutorials which will be coming in the next few days as I type them up. Work has also begun on building / photographing a water effects tutorial, so stay tuned!

Also came across this nifty page that contains a colour chart of Games Workshop's Citadel paint names with colours: http://www.phoenixforge.com.au/g/33117/citadel-colour-chart.html

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