Wargaming Tradecraft: Step by Step - Crimson Lance Space Marine


Step by Step - Crimson Lance Space Marine

Well, post Games Day required some R&R and the wife and I beat a great game called Borderlands. This involves kicking the butts of an army of troops called the Crimson Lance.

I decided that in order to get back into the groove of painting, I'd take some Space Marines and paint them up the colours of some of the Crimson Lance from the game.

(Photo, in order from left to right - Crimson Lance Infantry, Engineer, Royal Guard, Defender)

All models started with a black primer base coat.

The below photos appear to have blending and shading not mentioned in the steps. At each step I use the colours listed but mix with water so I'm just lightly layering the paint on. After multiple strokes of each colour it gets stronger and stronger, making it appear to have blended from it's black base coat.

Primary Armour - Fortress Grey
Secondary Armour - Mechrite Red
Boots, Face, Misc Details - Charcoal Grey (non-Citadel, but can be mixed with Fortress Grey and Black)
Gun - Tau Sept Ochre
Secondary Armour - Shadows with Red Gore
Secondary Armour - Highlights with a mix of Red Gore + Elf Flesh
Boots, Face, Misc Details - Mix of Charcoal with Fortress Grey
Everything - Badab Black Wash

I don't normally do a full black wash, usually choosing complimentary colours, but Borderlands Crimson Lancers have a dark look to them.
Primary Armour - Fortress Grey Highlight
Secondary - Mechrite Red Highlight
Tertiary - Charcoal + Fortress Grey Highlight.
Primary Armour - Skull White highlight
Secondary Armour - Mechrite + Elf Flesh highlight
Gun - Bubonic Brown highlight.
Everything - Liquitex Matte Varnish

The base was coated in a mix of white glue and water (above 2 or 3 glue to 1 part water) then dipped in a bag of sand.

Nothing fancy, I know, but an insight into how I blend by always having a wet brush while painting.

Also, the shield worn by the Lance Defender is simply:
- A miniature's paper backing
- A slice with a knife on each side (not through) so it bends
- 3 more strips of the same paper backing.
- Painted.

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  1. Dude that's so cool. I love Borderlands great game, and its cool that you made some look like the Lance.


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