Wargaming Tradecraft: Games Day 2010 - Prequel


Games Day 2010 - Prequel

As I've been mentioning and I'm sure many of you are aware, Games Day is this weekend!

My wife and I will be there, wandering and taking all the sights in. This is something I've wanted to do since I was a little kid, and Games Workshop up and cancelled their Canadian Games Day this year... well boo, but we're going to Baltimore! There will be plenty other things for us to do on this mini-vacation, including the National Aquarium, amphibious tours, and maybe snapping a photo outside Charm City Cakes.

I'll be the guy with glasses in a black Pure Pwnage Thirteen Thirty Seven t-shirt looking wide-eyed at all the amazing stuff. We won't be playing because I'm sure there will be plenty of other stuff going on that gaming would just eat up valuable time, but I think we might try our hand at the speed painting and/or modding competitions.

I'll be entering my Harlequin Wraithlord and Space Hulk Terminator. Decided against entering my Chaos base because not only is it large and I don't want to deal with it, but this is more of a miniature competition than a terrain competition, even if there is an "open" category. Do I expect to win? Nope. Did I put a ton of effort (see: hundreds of hours) in anyways? Of course. If I'm going to Games Day, I'm going to enter something and I'm going to make sure it's good enough to enter. BUT number one, we're going for the experience and making a trip out of it while we're there.

The Wraithlord is finished! Finally! And I did some touch ups to the Terminator as well as painting his Space Hulk name on the base. I did actually varnish them to protect the paint even though I'd sworn off Varnish for the number of my models it's ruined - and this stuff looks great. (More on Varnish at a later date)

And here they are:


  1. Love that base for the harlequin wraithlord!

  2. I had a similar idea for a Harlequindreadnought, though less well executed, back in the 90's. You can see what I had, before he sold on ebay, here:



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