Wargaming Tradecraft: Games Day 2010 - The Event


Games Day 2010 - The Event

This post is a late due to lame hotel internet, but Charm City Baltimore, the City of Charm. If there was one word to describe the people here, it would be "Charming". (except drivers.. wow were they crazy) But seriously, what a day!

There was so much to see, so much to do, everyone was friendly, (GW employees and visitors alike) and the wife (Kith) and I both had a blast! We started the event by dropping off my Golden Demon entries, (see them here) then lining up with everyone else. GW employees were carting around small tables to introduce people to their other systems. When the hordes were finally allowed in, we hit up the store first for some cheap figures and the Games Day mini of the year. A really cool attraction this year was the Carnival of Chaos - chaos themed carnival games.. Ball toss of Khorne, Discs of Tzeentch frisbee toss, etc. Kith won herself a Warhammer trapper keeper in the name of Khorne.

After the store we joined in the group painting project. Basically, every roughly 15 minutes another group of people add a layer of paint to the same pieces of terrain, being told each round what they should be painting that time. Following that, we wandered some and took some photos:

We decided to sit for a while and did the speed demon painting competition (1 hour to paint a hobbit) followed by the conversion contest. (1 hour to create something on a mounstrous creature base using an unlimited amount of chaos marine/fantasy/possessed/spawn sprues that you get to keep) Painting a model in an hour is hard... especially with giant non detail brushes and paint in various forms of disrepair. It was neat painting under pressure though, but I couldn't get in the final highlighting that I needed to do. In the conversion contest, the judges pulled out the runners, but Kith's had to stand still because the glue was still drying... slowly we realized that as they looked at the considerations, they were also craning their necks to look at hers...and what'd'ya know - Kith won the round! I think she had her first truely girly 40k moment and was incredibly surprised!

(Mine are on the left, Kith's on the right)

We breaked for lunch and came back to check the Golden Demon room - see where they were in the judging and check out all the other entries. The entries I was up against were really strong. There's certainly some incredible painters out there - however, both of my models made the first cut! Judging was already over, so I didn't make Gold, Silver or Bronze, but to see my models up there just blew me away!

The afternoon brought some more wandering and we tossed some Discs of Tzeentch

Finally, we ended with terrain Make and Take (woo, free terrain) using GW industrial and cathedral premade sets. I think it has sold me on their official plastic glue. It seems much stronger now than the Testors Brand I've been using, though gets a little irritating to use when it gets low. The other neat thing about their terrain is they handed out plastic card bases - this allowed their terrain to glue right to their base! (They also gave me another piece so I could create a second story, which also glued right on top)

The terrain building ran into the Golden Demon award ceremony but we still made most of it. (Though at the rear of the crowd)

This was also a mini vacation for us, and we stayed until Tuesday. There's plenty to do in Baltimore and we took in the city, Fells Point, EA Poe's grave, National Aquarium, a tiny record store in some guy's back room down an alley way and even took a hop over to the Washington Zoo and drove past Congress, the Washington Monument and the White House.

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