Wargaming Tradecraft: Weekly Update


Weekly Update

Busy times for me at the moment, hence a slight slowdown in the posting.

In August, my wife and I will be heading to Baltimore for Games Day 2010. It's something I've wanted to see since I was little, and as long as we're going I'm going to enter a few things - my Space Hulk Blood Angel Terminator, which I've cleaned up some since it's photo on Deviant Art and my Chaos base, which I intend to clean up a little more.
The reason for the post slow down is I'm working to finish my final entry to Golden Daemon, which is an Eldar Harlequin Wraithlord perched on top of an Ultramarine dreadnought which is sinking / thrashing around in water. I've had the parts for over a year and had been slowly modding and building it. Over the last few months I've been painting it between other projects. This is pre-blog-vision, so I don't have any WIP photos, and I haven't started taking any because it seems wrong to start mid project.

The weekend was very full too. Saturday was Rock the Park in London, ON to see Heart and Lynyrd Skynyrd, then back to London Sunday for Star Wars in Concert, the music of, by the live official symphony, with video from the 6 movies, hosted by C3P0.

Pre-concert Saturday involved some wandering and we discovered a hobby shop, Imperial Hobbies & Games - on Dundas, just down from the John Labatt Center. Decent sized store, carry a variety of games and paints, used miniatures, free gaming tables and most importantly a very friendly staff. (and wife approved - important criteria for the female gamer)

Sunday we had to stop at the mall to meet my brother, which meant popping my head into the Games Workshop. As always, it held up to it's high standard of super friendly staffing as usual.

While I was in Imperial, we got talking about paints and the Employee was working with P3. They're supposed to cover like GW foundation paints, so I picked up White, Red and Yellow. Haven't had much time to play with them yet, but used the White last night some, and was very impressed by it's strong covering with just a thin coat. Flowed pretty smoothly too.

I do have a number of posts on the go at the moment, and a few more just full of notes. Specifically, paint brush info, water effects and background noise. I just need to make some time to do some make-work projects with photos to accompany the posts.

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