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My primary project is a Warcraft inspired Hordebloods army.

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Repairing Crooked X-Wing Pegs

I've previously talked about how to replace a broken peg on your X-Wing ships.

The process I've outlined below is much simpler but it's just for situations where you purchase a ship that's misaligned out of the box. I mean, I suppose you could exchange it, maybe... but this is so much simpler.

Clear Bases

I wanted to showcase some miniatures for Gloomhaven that I painted as a commission. The goal was to replicate the character art and I'm pretty happy with how everything turned out.

I'd like to also touch on clear bases. It's not something you see very often and if I'm honest, NOT something you SHOULD see very often. I suppose that's a weird way to start out a tutorial - "Look how cool this is, but don't do it." It's because clear bases impact recommendations I usually make when it comes to how you build your miniatures.

For one, which I'll talk about more below, is that I usually recommend your miniature's feet interact with their base.

The other is the composition of the figure. A miniature isn't just the mini, the base is part of it. I recommend either something the compliments the figure and makes a nice looking scene, something that contrasts the mini by making the miniature stand out in comparison, or something that's muted and simple like a photo backdrop which pushes the miniature to the foreground.

The risk of a clear base is that you don't have control over what's below it. For wargaming, this is pretty random and could be any ugly tabletop. In tile-based games like Gloomhaven and all sorts of other stuff out these days, it can create a pretty cool aesthetic. In the final photo, it looks like the group is standing together in a stone-floored setting.

Borderlands Miniatures Charity Project

Headshots from the Heart was a 24 hour charity marathon that some friends and I created and we ended up running it for 3 years total to benefit the Child's Play Charity. With the support of a great group of volunteers, the support of some fantastic businesses and generosity of many people, we raised over $11,000 across the 3 years.

As a donation on behalf of Wargaming Tradecraft, I painted 6 figures to auction off in the event. These miniatures and additional larger display bases were donated by MiniWarGaming.

This page is acting as an index you can use to reach the individual articles.

I painted them in the now popular cell-shaded / cartoon style of the Borderlands franchise and they're possibly the first gaming miniatures to be created in this style. (Spring of 2012) Man, looking over them to create this index, some are soooo rough. But boy do I still love how Young Marcus and Mordecai turned out! Definitely need to revisit this style!

Even Gearbox got involved, giving us game keys to give away and shout outs on social media. (Which crashed our server the first time thanks to the number of people it directed to us!)