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My primary project is a Warcraft inspired Hordebloods army.

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Borderlands Miniatures Charity Project

Headshots from the Heart was a 24 hour charity marathon that some friends and I created and we ended up running it for 3 years total to benefit the Child's Play Charity. With the support of a great group of volunteers, the support of some fantastic businesses and generosity of many people, we raised over $11,000 across the 3 years.

As a donation on behalf of Wargaming Tradecraft, I painted 6 figures to auction off in the event. These miniatures and additional larger display bases were donated by MiniWarGaming.

This page is acting as an index you can use to reach the individual articles.

I painted them in the now popular cell-shaded / cartoon style of the Borderlands franchise and they're possibly the first gaming miniatures to be created in this style. (Spring of 2012) Man, looking over them to create this index, some are soooo rough. But boy do I still love how Young Marcus and Mordecai turned out! Definitely need to revisit this style!

Even Gearbox got involved, giving us game keys to give away and shout outs on social media. (Which crashed our server the first time thanks to the number of people it directed to us!)

The GSW Sword 'n' Steele Takedown

Green Stuff World
vs Vallejo
vs Sword 'n' Steele

I shared this on Facebook and wanted to save these ramblings on my website as well, so here we are. 
(All relevant links will be posted at the end)

Going to jump in here because as people are wondering what's up, there's a bunch of person view tainted misinformation circling. SO, rumour control, then my own thoughts on the whole situation:

OK, yeah, pretty close font usage.

  1. Vallejo released a new line of colour shift paint.
  2. Green Stuff World went after them because they claim ownership over both their brand, Chameleon, and the term "colorshift". (There was also a claim that some things had been copied, right down to font and packaging.)
  3. GSW won and Vallejo was forced to rebrand and they've gone with the name Shifters.
  4. People had already received the original product line and one such person, posted a review on her YouTube channel Sword 'n' Steele.
  5. Instead of reaching out to her, GSW asked their legal team to order takedowns of anyone displaying the infringing products. And they did. Full YouTube copyright strike and the ensuing demonetization.
  6. Sword 'n' Steele released a reaction video with shots of all her communication with GSW and a few other people are sharing images of their own communications with the GSW social media accounts.
  7. GSW has removed the strike against the channel but warned if it was posted again and still displayed the infringing imagery or says/uses the word "colorshift" then it'd get striked again.
  8. GSW and Vallejo have released statements and Sword 'n' Steele has rereleased her original video with a bunch of hilarious large [CENSORED] tags and audio of her saying "beep" instead of the brand "colorshift". (Or is she saying "colour shift" as a description? More on that later...)

Multitone Black and White

I've been seeing some people posting lately about their own attempts at a greyscale army, which has of course led to seeing lots of people trying and posting about it. The issue I'm seeing in most of these tries is that at worst it looks like the miniatures have been primed black and lightly frosted with white primer (stippling and all) to call it done after basically a zenithal highlight, while at best they're created with beautiful blending but appear like a white version of grimdark where all the details fade away to the viewer since everything has been painted the same.

I've actually talked about this before, using different examples, during my time writing about Colour Theory, specifically for a post about Pure Achromatic painting. I've had more opportunities since then to explore the technique and want to write a follow up post.

Don't forget about Contrasting Achromatic, where I've thrown in a little colour. (Sometimes referred to as the "Sin City" technique.)

Most of the examples you can see pictured here are from that series, but keep reading and we'll look at examples from classic cinema and of my newer approaches to the styles.