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My primary project is a Warcraft inspired Hordebloods army.

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Bulk Renaming Photos

It's been a while since I've shared some of my blog-fu and a recent shout-out I received on Must Contain Minis reminded me that these help the community. So, I'm happy to write another post that might assist others to share their knowledge with the community.

The tool I want to look at today is called Bulk Rename Utility and no, this is an unsolicited review. Just happens to be a product I quite like. Essentially, the issue arises when I'm taking photos of a tutorial or project over an extended time and I'm using multiple cameras to do so - typically the camera on my phone and my nice digital camera, complicated further if my personal phone is almost out of juice and I'm using the camera on my work phone. So I end up with up to 3 file naming systems that my photos are saved in which are far from alphabetical on the whole.

Bulk Rename Utility will allow you to rename a folder worth of files in an instant based on certain criteria - in this case, the date the photo was taken.

Hobby Holder Review

A little while back there was a conversation in a thread on Facebook about different types of holders for miniatures. Actually, I think it was specifically directed toward the offering from another company and Kit, the creator of the Hobby Holder reached out to show why his was better.

Now, Game Envy has just wrapped up their Kickstarter for some additions to their original Hobby Holder, but if you like what you see here you can still pre-order the accessories as a late pledge.

I'd love to hear in the comments about what you think of the product if you have any experience with it or are looking forward to receiving your own!

Disclaimer: I was sent this for free in order to review it.

Frankenstein's Bust

This past spring was the 200th anniversary of the novel Frankenstein and our local library system celebrated it in a number of ways. As the Artist at Work that month and them wanting to promote their 3D printing services, I decided to paint a Frankenstein Monster bust... which was also my first time painting a bust and a neat experience.

In this article I'm going to briefly talk about the demo experience, then some 3D printing, painting the bust and finally mounting it to a plinth.