Wargaming Tradecraft: Repairing Crooked X-Wing Pegs


Repairing Crooked X-Wing Pegs

I've previously talked about how to replace a broken peg on your X-Wing ships.

The process I've outlined below is much simpler but it's just for situations where you purchase a ship that's misaligned out of the box. I mean, I suppose you could exchange it, maybe... but this is so much simpler.

Gently Crack the Peg

The trickiest part of this process is breaking the glue holding the peg in place.

I used a small pair of side cutters and ever so very gently, squeezed until I heard a crack. Luckily it was the glue and not the peg itself!

Align the Ship and Glue

Since the peg was intact, I could turn the ship to align it forward facing and added a drop of super thin glue.

My only warning here is that super thin super glue likes to go evvvvvvvverywhere if you're not careful. Like willful water.

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