Wargaming Tradecraft: Count Vlagorescu's Midnight Court


Count Vlagorescu's Midnight Court


This was a project that I completed for two reasons. The first was that I've been wanting to build an Age of Sigmar army to game with the folks at our new local Warhammer store. Then came along Armies on Parade 2016. That was the push that I needed to complete it.

Now, admittedly, my Hordebloods are my primary army which consume the focus of my high end painting efforts. I wanted an army that I could complete in a reasonable amount of time so I painted this one a little above tabletop quality.

Because I couldn't leave it at that, I took this as an opportunity to create something with an artistic angle. Looking at some of the other styles I've wanted to experiment with, black and white came to mind. This was a scheme I'd pictured at one point for Tyranids, but works great for a ghoul army too.

Did I ever get to play it? Only a couple times to be honest. However, I love how the undead-bat-monster-dragon-thing came to life, I've used it at shows from time to time and the display board has been an awesome attention grabber at some of the community events I've engaged in. (Maker Expo, Artist @ Work at our local libraries, etc.)

Photos of the Army

If you'd just like to view some close up and final photos of the Midnight Court, this is where you want to go. I've got some overviews of the battlefield and close ups of all the creatures big and small.


Maybe you're looking to recreate an aspect of the army - well I have those details too.

Display Board

This is where you can read about how I created the display board, textured it and painted it.

I have another tutorial where I cover creating the black water and mirrored reflections.

The Army

It's subtle, but there is colour within this black and white army. Learn how I painted glowing eyes.

There are important nuances when you're painting an army in black and white and I've gone into more detail about that.

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