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X-Wing Miniatures - Core Courier Services

A little while ago we started playing the X-Wing Miniatures game and to properly represent the Scum and Villainy faction there were two things I needed to do. First, because it's a miniature wargame, they needed a quick paint job. I'll cover that first. Second, a friend asked, "You're Scum and Villainy - what's your crime?" That got me thinking and I've provided a write up after the jump.
Painting them was quick as outlined below, but you can also read a detailed post on the process.
  1. Paint the Ship Bodies
    1. Primed Black.
    2. Airbrushed Dark Grey, Medium Grey, Light Grey, White.
    3. Washed Black.
  2. Paint the Windows
    1. Paint Black.
    2. Thin Bright Green down and carefully paint around each window.
  3. Paint the Trim
    1. Thin Bright Green down and run it between some of the natural hull plates.
  4. Paint the Engines
    1. Paint the engine holes Bright Green.
    2. Paint the center of the engine holes White.
  5. Varnish
    1. Spray Satin or Gloss Varnish over the ships. (Hard Coat)
    2. Airbrush Liquitex Matte Varnish or Citadel Matte Varnish over the ships. (Dull Coat)
    3. Paint Liquitex Gloss Varnish over the windows.
Core Couriers - Front View

Also, for anyone curious about the logo, it's just the "C" from the Star Wars common alphabet doubled up.
Click on through to see individual photos of the ships and read the background I've created for my fleet.

Core Courier Services [CCS]


Core Courier Services was a delivery business based on the peaceful planet of Alderaan, servicing the central planets of the Republic. They were known for ensuring the quick and safe delivery of packages for customers who expected the best and required discretion. Their primary services weren’t cheap, but they also sub-contracted mundane work to more affordable, yet reliable, businesses.

When the Death Star destroyed Alderaan, everything changed.

After the Destruction of Alderaan

Some employees escaped with both their lives and families, having just enough time to evacuate on their ships when the first reports of the battle station entering the system came through. Others were forced to leave their loved ones behind. The escaping captains rendezvoused with others who were already off-world and assisted Alderaan’s refugee convoy in reaching relief ships dispatched by neighboring systems.

G-1A Starfighter
Grieving, in shock and having nothing besides what had been stowed in their cargo holds, one of CCS’ captains volunteered for the mission to reach out to the Rebels for additional support. For those who knew where to look, the location of Rebel bases were the worst kept secret in the galaxy. Unfortunately for this captain, he arrived on the eve before the Rebels were to launch their attack on the Death Star and was met with suspicion and hostility. Handed over to Bothans, tortured, ship confiscated, (To “help the war effort.”) he and his crew were eventually abandoned on a neutral planet where they were able to arrange for pick up.

While the Rebels celebrated their short-lived defeat of the Empire, the galaxy was trying to figure out what the future would hold. Occupation by the Jedi, the Clones, the Empire, whatever New Republic the Rebels spoke of - it all made little difference. One regime was just as bad as another and over the days to follow, the survivors of Core Courier Services engaged in many heated discussions about how best to move forward. Captains were choosing sides and the previous management structure was quickly falling apart.

Kihraxz Fighter

Saving the Business

With the increase of both Imperial and Rebel patrols, the decision to arm Core Couriers’ ships and fly in small squadrons was unanimous. (Amongst the crews at least.) Management pointed out they couldn’t afford to send so many ships on delivery jobs they’d been taking up to this point but their control over their fleet was getting weaker by the day. Crews were beginning to adopt mutinous mindsets and some of the captains reached out to contacts they had in seedier regions. Even the lower risk jobs they found were more lucrative than the above board work they’d previously been hired for.

M3-A Interceptor
Over the next few weeks, Core Courier Service was in danger of dissolving as ships began coming and going at the whims of their captains and availability of work. Things finally came to a head when a delivery went south - a Rebel patrol intercepted a ship in the process of a smuggling run, who chose to flee rather than be boarded. The transport was destroyed and only one of the ships flying defense made it back. Many were shocked but this acted as a slap in the face to wake them up to the reality of what they were getting involved in.


Management had been looking at options to unite the company again, worried that as these captains acted independently, it was a matter of time before everyone went their own ways. They had wanted to avoid turning to crime, but there was no turning their captains from the path they’d set out on. Scum and Villainy was profitable. After losing everything to a war they weren’t even part of, nobody was willing to wind up in that position again. All the ships were called back for a town hall. The people previously responsible for operating Core Courier Services had accepted the future paved by their captains and did what they do best - created a business plan.


Restructuring for Survival

Management and the captains remained sequestered for days, but finally came to a consensus and were ready to make an announcement to their crews and their families. Core Courier Services would remain united. Shady contacts would be passed to sales reps and jobs would flow through their switchboard before being assigned to squadrons best suited for the type of work. They would uphold certain principles - no trafficking in sentient life forms or addictive drugs, for example. Core Couriers would continue doing what they were good at - Pickups from dangerous warzones, deliveries to questionable situations, smuggling goods and blockade running when subtlety was already out the window.

Z-95 Headhunter
CCS hired informants to track down leads and real fighter pilots to escort cargos and improve training regiments. New divisions were created, tasked with developing the business in previously unnecessary areas such as Advanced Piloting, (Dog fighting and other maneuvers) Advanced Navigation (Through asteroid belts, nebulas and other dangerous obstacles.) as well as Weapons Training (Both ship-mounted and personal blasters.) while previous tasks like Maintenance became a full service shop, learning the ins and outs of combat ready ships and upgrading them with hidden compartments, sensor shielding and nasty technological surprises.

There were bumps in the road as all employees were learning new skills but crews and their families recognized that to live this lifestyle they had a better chance figuring out how to survive together while stuck in a galaxy at war where neither side could be trusted.

Core Couriers - Rear View

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