Wargaming Tradecraft: Crystalline Affliction


Crystalline Affliction

As a break from the Hordebloods, I've begun The(ex)Wife's Legion of Everblight army - the Crystalline Affliction. While a gamer, she's not a big fan of painting miniatures, so I'll be taking care of that with her guidance. She is an artist though and will be handling some of the Amethyst sculpting during the project. After she chose the colour scheme, we collaberated to determine which paints and layers worked best to achieve it. For the first few layers that are airbrushed, we picked up some actual airbrush paint - that way, there won't be any inconsistency added whenever I'm mixing up the paints.

There are couple specifics for this army, which are:

Amethyst Crystals - First, the army will integrate ACTUAL Amethyst Crystal into the sculpts. Primarily on the beasts as all spikes, claws, large fangs, etc are to be removed and replaced. It may end up applying to other objects as we go, like spear tips and other weapons. (Although we really liked how the Obsidian turned out on Thagrosh's blades.)

Cell-Shading Paint Job - Second, TheWife fell in love with the paint job I did on the Borderlands Charity Miniatures. So, I now have an army worth of models to apply the cell-shaded style to. This style is defined by deep shadows, strong contrasts and almost messy hashing used in shadows and highlights.

Winter Setting - For basing considerations and any other terrain that comes along, the setting is "winter and ice." I'll be achieving this with a mixture of gels, snow effects and more crystals.

Afflicted Leaders

Thagrosh (epic)
eThagrosh Details of Note:
Obsidian weapon blades made from lightly highlighted black and lots of gloss layers.
Works in Progress:
Masking, Beginning to End
Final Photos:


  1. This is looking sweet, and a great technique for obsidian. Glad to have you back in action!

  2. Thanks! Feels good to be at it again!


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