Wargaming Tradecraft: Super Glue Accelerator


Super Glue Accelerator

I've written previously about glues, including super glue. What I'm going to cover here is a handy supply for people who have trouble waiting for super glue to dry.

Accelerator helps super glue bond almost instantly. The trade off is a joint isn't quite as strong as if you had let the connection dry normally. (Not to say it's brittle - just not as strong.) If you're concerned about the strength of the joint, you can use a little accelerated super glue to hold two pieces together, then super glue around it.

It's pretty simple, because you can get away with applying a little glue and accelerator to each side of the bond... for example:
First, apply some accelerator to one side.

 As a spray, this stuff gets all over the place, but it works.
Since these bottles often come as little spray bottles, try un-screwing the top and using some kind of pin / wire / etc to apply the accelerator to one side.
Next, apply a drop of super glue to the other side of the connection.

In this case, I've put accelerator on the body and super glue on the arm.

When you push these two together, it bonds and dries almost instantly.


  1. Plain water accelerates the drying of "super" (cyanoacrylate) glue. I apply some with a dropper or a toothpick, depending on the quantity of glue needing acceleration.

  2. It can, but it's also more fragile than using chemical accelerator or just letting it dry.


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