Wargaming Tradecraft: Convincing DeviantArt to Recognize Miniature Artists


Convincing DeviantArt to Recognize Miniature Artists

This is a topic I want to bring to light because I feel it's important - there are a ton of artists out there who deserve proper recognition. DeviantArt is a great art community, providing support, suggestions, comments and giving artists a place where they can not only share their art but connect with like-minded people. Unfortunately, there's currently no section specifically for miniature artists.

I usually use "Traditional Art - Painting" then choose either the Fantasy or Sci-Fi genres, but that puts my minis next to all sorts of 2D paintings. It just doesn't fit. The "Miniatures" category under "Artisan Crafts" is also a dicey fit because it's focused on stuff you make with your hands like basket weaving, costumes, culinary, glass, jewellery, etc... not painting. Another poor fit. Traditional Art fits, but we need our own section.

Lets face it, our hobby is huge and there are artists all over the world creating beautiful works on what I like to refer to as "3D Canvass". (aka, the sculptures you and I make and/or make.) Having our own category would help experienced and new artists share their work and be browsed by the public. It would also remove miniatures from categories where they don't really fit, cleaning up the experience of other DA users.

DeviantArt has a suggestion forum specifically so the community can offer them advice. Lets give them some.

The suggestion thread is here:

What can you do?

  • Visit the suggestion thread and click "Me too!" to show your support.
  • Leave a comment and tell us why you like it.
  • Spread the word!
    • Tweet this, share it on Facebook, post a link on your own website.
  • Don't have a DA account? Comment here or on my pinned post on Facebook and tell us why you think this is important. I'll link to these posts from the original suggestion.

Lets be heard and show DeviantArt that we're a community worth recognizing.

Thank you everyone,

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