Wargaming Tradecraft: Hordebloods - Tauren Warders pt1


Hordebloods - Tauren Warders pt1

You may recall my previous Tauren conversion for my Runeshapers. I've picked the ultra tough Warder unit to also get the Tauren treatment. Like the Runeshapers, I used the same standard head and molded copies from the original as a base, but made slight modifications here and there. The charming fella up above had his mouth cut open and teeth added to form a grin.

Something else I've done is given more texture to the horns. Didn't really do this on the Runeshapers, just smoothed them out.

Here's the unit without their horns... Lookin' mighty fierce.

This is the process I got through for sculpting fur.

First, I cover the face in a thin (but not too thin) layer of green stuff and smooth it all out in to roughly the shape the fur will flow.

Next, I use an edged tool to make lots of little slices in the fur.

In areas I want to stagger the hair, I'll push up with the tool some so it looks like the hair is layered.

As long as there's close ups on the teeth, I'll note they were easy. I cut off his lower jaw and glued it back in to place somewhat open. The cut area is covered in fur here, so no problem on appearance. The teeth themselves are just a blob of green stuff with slices through it.

As the hair reaches his torso, I'll cut it apart and against the body so that it spreads and lays naturally.

Also seen here are more close ups of how a little scratching on the horns gives a nice texture.

More to follow soon as I'm working on all 5 of these guys at the moment. More facial hair, bulking up the shoulders and probably a little hair on the hands.

For reference, here's the "before." Photo and painting are Privateer Press'.

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