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Privateer Press Arc Markers

UPDATE! I won't be removing these free templates, but please consider supporting Wargaming Tradecraft by purchasing a physical template to mark your arcs more accurately.

I've been wanting to create a more accurate way of marking the front arcs on my Hordebloods. There's plenty of ways to do it and I'm going to share some ideas as well as provide templates for you to use.

I've done a little trial and error on this already so that you don't have to.

Download the Privateer Press Arc Marker Templates.

Centered Templates

This is the easiest template. All you have to do is print yourself a copy, then you can place any base size on it and paint on lines to mark the sides and center of the front arc.

When you print these off, try using a heavier weight paper like cardstock. This'll make your templates more durable and last longer.
Off-Set Templates

I wish I could remember or find the thread of Privateer Press' forum, but a member of their staff suggested using a couple pins to brace bases. If you put them in the right spot, all three base sizes will line up equally on one template. What's nice about this is you can easily rotate a model as you decide where exactly you want the center to be without having to re-align the base on the circle template again. It just works.

Since you'll need to pin these templates, you need to attach this to something sturdy. For example, I found this small wood tile at Home Depot for 25 cents and glued one of my templates to it. A couple of small anchor nails finishes it up. Instead of wood, you could easily use styrofoam.

Here are some tips for pinning your template:

  • Place them right where the 3 circles meet.
  • Center it just into the white area so the thickness of the nail doesn't cross any circles.
Test the 3 base sizes... you might get your pins off slightly, which would mean the center mark on your bases could be off by a few millimeters.

Pin First

If you're having trouble getting the 3 circles to line up when you pin, or just want to avoid that ugly white background when you have a nice wood grain under it, you can make your own template.

Pin first, then trace all 3 base sizes.

You'll need to figure out a way to mark center points - either with a base you've already marked (With an above template.) or another marker. (Like those circular math / architectural / art templates.)

You might have to remove the pins to make room for the marker template.

Centered Templates, Sunken

I don't have the drill bits, but this is the one I really want to make. Basically, mark a center point on a block of wood, then drill a small 50 mm indent. Using the same center mark, follow it up with a 40 mm then 30 mm indent. All the circles are centered so you don't have to worry about pin offsets but you do have to mark the wood with the front arc side and center positions.

Important - regular drill bits don't usually come this big. You'll need router (top) or spade (bottom) bits like pictured below, but NOT hole saw bits. (Thanks to reader Ian Combs for pointing out proper names for the bits in the comments.)

Other ways to mark bases

Mind you, you don't have to get this complicated. You can center your mini on some graph paper or even just pick up the circular template and use it.

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